August 11, 2014


Why do we kill
In the name of our God?
Stone the woman only
For things that took two

I keep asking questions
Yet no answers I find
This world has gone mad
Trying to walk on the line

Children are not safe
Homeless left to die
We all look the other way
We turn a blind eye

Is this how we want to live
Have our hearts turn so cold
When we stand before our own God
What will we then be told


Snaggle Tooth said...

Why can someone like Robin
Bring me to teary Laughter,
Then Become so depressed
To take his life away-
When once he was so gay
n funny, n foolish-
He cut me up in silliness,
Now has brought me low to
To think-
Life is so unpredictable
n Death the only certainty.
Why did he rush to meet it?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Why indeed! So many wonderings at your words...

desk49 said...

Until we walk in
the shoes of others
There are things we
will never know
Until we live
side by side
All we can do
is say our goodbyes

I have no idea Snaggle
I wish I did
or maybe not

Lynn said...

Ellis - it's good to see you here today and to read your wise words.

desk49 said...


No reply's on your post
It's sad to see
With all the comments
From nice people that read

I guess I don't wright
a Blogger no more
I keep asking if I stopped
and just lock the front door

Would anyone miss us
as we fade from their sight
are we no more then one flash
of a high speed scrub light

Sara said...

How did I miss this poem? I am so sorry.

This is a powerful poem and it made me stop and think. To me, this is what writing is about. I may not get the same thing someone else does, but your words have weight and I always take time to consider them. This is a good thing:~)

I hope you don't ever lock the door because this blogger would miss you very much.

desk49 said...


When I die
a few will miss me
When my kids die
few will remember me
When their kids die
I'll be forever lost
in a sea of time
and my name will never
be whispered again

It is okay for if
I touch a heart today
maybe they will
touch another too

I just hope they spell
better then me LOL