February 27, 2015

True love spans time and death

If our heart
Loves from within
Will she know

Will she see
What I sadly
Can not show

Tho she’s gone
These eyes tear
As love glows

Someday I’ll be
With her if
Not sent below

February 20, 2015

Need to Know

Why do we ask about things
We don’t want to know
Seeking answers from
Things a long time ago

Bring up old memories
We’ve put to rest
Dragging others through
All their forgotten mess

We try to change things
We knew were true
The parts of life
As youth we blew

Dragging us down
To depths far below
Searching for the answers
No one should know

February 13, 2015

Self Lie

A sprinkling of eyes
Sweet cherry red lips
Soft tilt of that head
Flicking of her hips

To catch him off guard
A smile she be stolid
I’m working my angles
A friend she told

My quarry has a wife
And three kids you see
If I play my cards right
He'll leave her for me

She don’t understand as he
Tells her not another word
Marry a woman like you
That’s quite absurd