February 13, 2015

Self Lie

A sprinkling of eyes
Sweet cherry red lips
Soft tilt of that head
Flicking of her hips

To catch him off guard
A smile she be stolid
I’m working my angles
A friend she told

My quarry has a wife
And three kids you see
If I play my cards right
He'll leave her for me

She don’t understand as he
Tells her not another word
Marry a woman like you
That’s quite absurd


Lynn said...

Absurd, indeed!

desk49 said...

Yet it works to offen

Snaggle Tooth said...

A sprinkling of salt
In the Love wounds
From betrayal between friends
For stealing is beyond borders.

I've never hungered
For the already attached,
But have been steadily hunted
By the Those trying to stray...

desk49 said...


Yet games we all play
smoe are just better then others

Sara said...

Wow...You have to be very careful when you play that game. Even if its works, the one who wanders may do so again.

I loved Snaggle Tooth's reply. A poem for a poem

desk49 said...

Will they ever stop looking for the golden fleece