February 20, 2015

Need to Know

Why do we ask about things
We don’t want to know
Seeking answers from
Things a long time ago

Bring up old memories
We’ve put to rest
Dragging others through
All their forgotten mess

We try to change things
We knew were true
The parts of life
As youth we blew

Dragging us down
To depths far below
Searching for the answers
No one should know


Lynn said...

Some things are best left alone - I agree.

desk49 said...


somethings just dwell
too deep in our mines

Snaggle Tooth said...

We think we are cats-
How curious we are.
But we don't have Nine lives
One only goes so far.

Don't ask how I feel
If you don't want to hear.
We can argue again,
Because you want me to lie.

Don't pass negative
Down the line to them
Sometimes saying you're good
Makes you feel good instead!

Sometimes not...

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth

Yes sometimes not

Sara said...

This is a very thought-provoking poem, Ellis:~)

I know I do this, but I think its because I'm trying to understand something from my past. I have dig into the darkness, shaking lose old memories that fly around me, like dusty ghosts.

Sometimes your words are exactly right and I regret my digging, but other times, I get a memory from my past that's actually good; something I can hold on to.

desk49 said...


Some times we feel like a nut
Some times we don't

Some times I act like a nut
some times I don't
Who am I kidding LOL