April 3, 2015

Death, An Old Friend

From day one Death
Has always been here
To keep us safe from harm

For it knows this
Was not the time
For things to go wrong

Still we fear death
As if it hides at night
Beneath our very beds

Making that bump
At the stroke of midnight
A thing we always dread

No matter what we tell ourselves
Or how hard we look around
That bump we’ll never find

For death moves beside us
As we walk this world with him
Down our life’s chosen line

The hair upon our neck
Some day will yell beware
Still none hears but our soul

For when death lays hands upon us
Like we know it will some day
We’ll have no choice, but to go


Lynn said...

I've been with someone who feared death - this brought back a memory.

desk49 said...


I'm hopping not a bad one.

Anonymous said...

Love this poem Desk49.

desk49 said...


and a tip of my hat to you
(wait I'm not wearing a hat)
Will a big smile and a slap on top of my old bald head (and that I have)


Sara said...

I like this one -- it's interesting how you open this poem with death keeping us safe from harm. We don't think of that in relationship to death.

Like Lynn, this one brought back a memory for me. I grew up in a very old house -- it was in my family for a long time.

Anyway, in the house was a big wall clock. It didn't work, except when someone died. I didn't believe this until my dad died at home and sure enough the clock chimed.

desk49 said...


A ghost in the old clock
that strikes upon death
It works when one dies
but is normally at rest

is that old house hunted
or the grandfather clock
I'd not bet my life on
the tick or the tock

Snaggle Tooth said...

Yep, the angel that is our companion, ready for us only at the right time we don't get to choose. Except suicides of course, then the angel is cheated...

desk49 said...


Not sure we can commit suicides
and go early. Even that might be planed.