April 23, 2015


Eyes hear whispered thoughts
Bodies answered questions unasked
Souls rejoice in silence


Snaggle Tooth said...

He reads you like a book,
Nodding head, your balefull look-
No matter how convincing you sound,
Your eyes rolled left n then looked down...

desk49 said...


I can say
we daydream
to much
reading between
the lines
on pages
not there

Lynn said...

Silence is our friend sometimes.

desk49 said...


Silence also
leads us down
the wrong road

Sara said...

I liked this one. It's a romance novel in twelve words...I hope you meant it that way because that's the way I read it:~)

BTW Sorry about not being around very much, but I'm so pleased to click on your site and find your words there. I love the exchange between you and Snaggle Tooth. It's fun to read.

desk49 said...


turns what he thinks
she said
into his own joy

I could have called it shockers