April 8, 2015

The Game

Insanity an act
Defined by others
As not being like them

Depression a feeling
Brought on by others
Trying to control you

Defiance an outward denial
Of being insane because you
Don’t thinking they’re right

Restrained the end result
Because of the other three
If you don’t agree with them

Would you like to play again


Lynn said...

OK - what? (Just kidding - I get it, I think.)

desk49 said...


less play again

Snaggle Tooth said...

I totally agree with that progression!
Being different is often misunderstood.
Loss of control over your life is depressing.
Fighting the situation is always punished.

Somehow those who lie n cheat,
Tell them what they want to hear
Get hansomely rewarded...
Honesty is discouraged.

desk49 said...

I'm glad you know the rules
have fun playing the game
drive them insane

Anonymous said...

Brilliant.... Love it.

desk49 said...


You make me blush

Sara said...

I say ANARCHY. The others are just fools. They don't see the ones I see, but does that mean they aren't really there?

This was fun!

desk49 said...

Sara Sara

The few control
the many
Not because
their right
but because they
have the power
to be wrong
but always right

The Game