May 28, 2015

To Late:

Cold of steel
on temple rest
Finding where
it'll do the best

Finger touching
hardened steel
Rubber grips
numb the feel

Clicking sound
as chamber rolls
Seems easier
then I was told

Soft on finger
I feel a click
I'd better stop
I feel the kick

Roaring sound
within my ear
On my cheek
is that a tear

No more do
I feel the shame
I have only
myself to blame

Oh my God
what've I done
I've hurt all of
my loved ones

May 16, 2015

New Thoughts

Tho new thoughts dance
Around within my head
I wonder if others hear voices
Calling from dark corners
Voices telling them to listen

Do they hear them whispering
As they drift between thoughts
Showing them words written
On fine puffs of gray smoke
Floating through blurred vision

Do they not feel this madness
Forever going round and around
Day in and out, do they not hear
That deafening clicking in their heads
Choking them in their own insanity

And yet I am told to go on
To smile as if I know the joke
One I have not heard, but lived
Till death takes me home forever
To its world of foreboding silence

May 9, 2015


Rumors spreads
of things done wrong
Once voice is heard
they linger long

Pain of heart
drives fire within
Burning threads of love
between them thin

Lies eat at their souls
with words unjust
Until love blows away
on winds of dust

I know this is a repeat

May 1, 2015

Universal Lovers

Who write these words
upon which I read
A universe of thought
provoked by lovers entwined
Tho I see not bodies but
souls from these two
Yet does flesh of passion
lie within body or soul
Or still yet just thought
When brought into the light
does it not turn maddening
As the clicking of wheels
across rails over and over
Until they see the darkness
each hidden from the other
And both look forward for
their next perfect lover