May 16, 2015

New Thoughts

Tho new thoughts dance
Around within my head
I wonder if others hear voices
Calling from dark corners
Voices telling them to listen

Do they hear them whispering
As they drift between thoughts
Showing them words written
On fine puffs of gray smoke
Floating through blurred vision

Do they not feel this madness
Forever going round and around
Day in and out, do they not hear
That deafening clicking in their heads
Choking them in their own insanity

And yet I am told to go on
To smile as if I know the joke
One I have not heard, but lived
Till death takes me home forever
To its world of foreboding silence


Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds to me that you know the joke, Hope you do not become one of the voices,
Pleading the living to bear witness by words
The Muse bound to your soul,
Which yearns to be heard

desk49 said...

Muse's seem to get their ways.

Anonymous said...

Does Tinnitus count?

desk49 said...

The chirping of frogs for which I hear.
Yet they don't tell me what to write.
They think I'm at their bidding.

Sara said...

"Wow..."choking them in their own insanity..." that sends chills down my back.

Dark, but well written:~)

desk49 said...

Do all writers
not hear the voices

Nilanjana Bose said...

Powerful! here to say also that I liked the pen name much.

desk49 said...

Nilanjana Bose:
Will a double
thanks it seems
I owe

Lynn said...

My favorite line: "showing them words written On fine puffs of gray smoke"

desk49 said...

And yet they are
blinded by their
own visions
Seeing only what
others told them