May 28, 2015

To Late:

Cold of steel
on temple rest
Finding where
it'll do the best

Finger touching
hardened steel
Rubber grips
numb the feel

Clicking sound
as chamber rolls
Seems easier
then I was told

Soft on finger
I feel a click
I'd better stop
I feel the kick

Roaring sound
within my ear
On my cheek
is that a tear

No more do
I feel the shame
I have only
myself to blame

Oh my God
what've I done
I've hurt all of
my loved ones


Sara said...

Wow. The comment box got BIG. OMG.

This poem is interesting. Sometimes the need to rid ourselves of an over-powering negative feeling makes us forget how important we really are, especially to those who love us.

That said, the imagery in the poem was wonderfully done. Your words really captured the sound and feeling of handling a gun. It reminded me of my childhood and the many times I heard the click and boom of a shotgun. I come from a hunting family, mostly quail and other birds. I hated it, but was often sent to pick up the birds that were shot. It certainly made me aware of what death looks like. It's never pretty or nice.

desk49 said...

Darkness does lie in us all
We tend to forget the light
we shine into others lives

Thanks for the kind words.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Don't do it!
Rings in my ear-
There is only Death
All must fear
Judgement to follow
Such an Act
By God n more
All wil attack.

desk49 said...

Don't you worry
please do not fear
I love me so do
not shard a tear

My body's great
my mine is fine
No pain on me would
I do at anytime

Have a great day and thanks

Lynn said...

I've never fired a gun, but you describe it perfectly.

desk49 said...

To much or not enough
in my hands guns
have been around