July 22, 2015


What lurks within the shadows
Can we see beyond our mortal self
Fear cries for us to run away
Yet we long to touch that which
none has ever seen or heard

Have some, broken through to brush
against something so far past their
understanding even they do not believe.
Has any of us yet been conceived
in that vast realm of understanding

Yet we participate as if we are
the only ones that live within
this universe, forever shedding
any idea that something else
might lurk within the shadows

July 12, 2015

Fire Flies:

Take me back to yesterday for
as a child I played and dreamed. 

With mason jars held wide open
full of fire flies glowing green.

As death fall on those dieing embers
I laughed through joyful screams. 

Now as I look back in wounded
was that magic all it seemed?

July 1, 2015


One night out walking I met just two.
I was asked, "What have you done that's new?"
"Would you care to dine on nectars of wine?"
"What would it take to get you entwined?"
One of the two said, "It would be grand."
Two of one, said, "Just a minute man."
"Have we offered wrongly to thee?"
"Have we misread what's not meant to be?"
I looked, hoping I would find
a soul hidden deep within mine.
I smiled and said, with a slight grin,
"You're right. Not now, or ever, my friend."