July 12, 2015

Fire Flies:

Take me back to yesterday for
as a child I played and dreamed. 

With mason jars held wide open
full of fire flies glowing green.

As death fall on those dieing embers
I laughed through joyful screams. 

Now as I look back in wounded
was that magic all it seemed?


Lynn said...

Sometimes I wonder that, too. I was with my great nephews this weekend and love looking at the world through a three year old's eyes.

desk49 said...

One world seen
through different eyes
One world is good
One world is bad
Who's right
Who's wrong

Sara said...

The hardest thing in life is to keep the magic of childhood. A child doesn't really have the concept of life and death. Most of the time, they live more in the moment. As adults, we often let our memories haunt us. Maybe we need remember how to be a child again?

desk49 said...

And yet was the good old days really good?