July 1, 2015


One night out walking I met just two.
I was asked, "What have you done that's new?"
"Would you care to dine on nectars of wine?"
"What would it take to get you entwined?"
One of the two said, "It would be grand."
Two of one, said, "Just a minute man."
"Have we offered wrongly to thee?"
"Have we misread what's not meant to be?"
I looked, hoping I would find
a soul hidden deep within mine.
I smiled and said, with a slight grin,
"You're right. Not now, or ever, my friend."


Snaggle Tooth said...

Mistaking friendliness
n interest
for a customer
of a trio time
But a rough life they live-

desk49 said...

how are you is all going well up north?
Thanks for dropping by.

Lynn said...

You paint a picture there - love when poems tell a story.

Nilanjana Bose said...

Humans are quite adept at misreading!

desk49 said...

Yes we all seem to think we all think alike.

desk49 said...

Sorry about missing your reply.
Thanks for being here.