September 16, 2015

Does It Matter

As you turned away I heard my soul cry
for what was forever has now gone.
Tho like all things, does any last?
For things now, are quickly then.
Over and over, all things new are old.
Yet we go on as if everything matters.
Nothing will I do to remember those
things that has went by so quickly.
Still I will wait, till you pass by again
just to hear thoughts, you’ve whispered


Snaggle Tooth said...

Once put in our soul
what has passed
never fades-
It lives inside
N is treasured

desk49 said...

Snaggle: Nice to see you

Supper thanks
for dropping by
Those I've knew
wish I would die
yet like you said
it a lingering song
Tho put to bed the
nightmare goes on

Anonymous said...

As always you delight with words

desk49 said...


I'm so glad you
dropped around
I'm happy my place
you went and found

to you my words I'm
delighted they please
That's why this old goat
don't up and leave

Nilanjana Bose said...

Every moment counts, in a good way or bad/ and nothing is forgotten, happy or sad...sorry abt the rhyming did mean to write a normal comment :)

desk49 said...


Rhyming is good here
from answer to reply
Thank you for dropping in
as I say goodbye

LOL Thanks again

Lynn said...

Love the thought of hearing someone's whispered thoughts (or maybe not.)

desk49 said...

It's hard to drop love like an old pair of shoes.
We will always wait for that whispered thought.