September 7, 2015

Ripple in Time

A slight sigh, a distance look
Small ripples in time unseen
Alone, now you ask why
No answer do you hear
Nothing, but still you question
Was it me or was it even real
This ripple in time now felt within

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Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm awash in the tide
of the time ripples
dancing through my mind
As they remind me
of so many good things
All but forgotten in
Who I am now-
Here in this place
I need them...

desk49 said...

Who we are
they can never
change it
only we
have the right

Thanks for still being here for me and from me.

Lynn said...

This ripple in time - love the sound of those words.

desk49 said...


Thanks small things we never see until
it's to late and we find out
the one we thought loved us is gone.
Then it hurts seeing the little ripples
we missed all along.

Sara said...

Reading the poem and then the comments brings this poem into my heart even more. It's true when we think back on a relationship and the things we missed. That said, your poetry gets stronger and stronger.

I also love the interplay between you and Snaggle Tooth. Poets talking to each other in poetry:~)

desk49 said...


Where have you been????

I've missed you and your blog
You more but I can't say that
Thanks for showing up.
You know you had me worried something happen.