August 8, 2016

Hay Doc:

What would you hear, Doc
If words came from me
If the end of this rope
Wasn’t tied to this tree

You say you trained
In the ways of the insane
You can tell us what’s
Going through our brains

We fought in your wars
For our country we’d die
Why treat us like children?
Why to us, do you lie

You tell us if we listen
We’ll be lead to the light
Taken from this darkness
To regain our clear sight

If we do what you tell us
A new person we’ll be
There’s no way we’d hang
Ourselves from this tree

Really you don’t know
You’re just playing around
The things you tell us
Won’t cut one of us down

So lie to yourself Doc about
All the blood on your hands
Then go report to your boss
You’ve done all you can


Snaggle Tooth said...

In our town, a group of Doctors have their name on the local funeral Home! What a racket!
I wonder what you could write on that one...(They are here to help us die)

I think we all go to the doc so they can find things wrong- so for now I always avoid them n their pills. They do not understand your mind, or satirical humor. I do!

desk49 said...

or trying to get payed at both ends

Thanks Snaggle for dropping by

Snaggle Tooth said...

No problem, I got a very short rhyme out today- Hope the doc learns a few things from you.