August 2, 2016

Judge and Thy-shall be:

They run us out from within and
Profess to have a Christian sight
All the other groups are wrong
And only they do things right

They tell us to go away and
Take the demons we hide within
We tried to tell them their wrong
But it's a fight we couldn’t win

When we stand before those Gates
And God cast them from his view
They’ll scream from below
“Everything we did, we did for you”

On bended knee they’ll beg
Their cries will never stop
As he turns his back on them
They’ll hear “I said Judge Not”


Snaggle Tooth said...

I need time ti think on this one! will copy n take home for better clues

desk49 said...


I was told the other day if I watch SyFy I was going to hell.
I should only watch the preacher shows that ask for money I guess

Snaggle Tooth said...

God forbid you should entertain your imagination or question what will become of this strange place we are in years from now!

Why my dear Dad always said "Please Pass the Bacon" at church...