January 16, 2017

I’m not Insane

You read what I’ve written
and tell me that you know,
what is inside of me as
you try and read my soul

From my writing on the wall
you tell me I am insane
But is it me, or yourself, you see,
when you analyze my brain

I know you think my writing
is dark and that’s just fine
but I have to ask you please
stop reading between the lines

Just give me a break people
when you read what I write
It’s not about how I feel,
so try and get that right

What you need to know
when my words you’ve read.
Is I’ll be just fine because,
I don’t want this body dead

If you understood my words
they’re not all gloom and dread
You might see a bit of humor
in what, you’ve just read


Snaggle Tooth said...

I do always see the humor, but having watched decades of M*A*S*H I also carry a bit of the sarcastic side of why you write what you think. I wrote some songs that were affecting listeners into thinking all that happened to me, but they were just stories in songs on a theme, not about me. So I get that side of being a writer. It's putting yourself in the characters role to tell it.

As long as the kids don't call in the white coats to take you away... That's happened to 2 folks who live here now! So really I wouldn't even hold cracking once in awhile against you anyways!

desk49 said...

Thanks few write what they beleave only what makes a good story.

Denise Covey said...

I love irony and i see it in your verse. Keep it up. Nothing wrong with dark humour. It's the best!

desk49 said...

Humor is not the same to all but
I get tired of people telling me
they know best about wait I write.