February 13, 2017


Life is fleeting yet death is eternal
Still we cling to life like the Insane
clings to their crayons
We both have no control
over either for our life is but a
flicker on this ribbon of time
Why do we strive to learn
more and more knowing
it will be lost forever
All the possessions we gather
we think we’ll take them with us
Even our loved ones we leave behind
will mean nothing beyond
our final breath still we’ll cling
tightly to our few crayons


Lynn said...

Clinging to everything.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We can draw with our crayons,
real or unreal.
The living must carry on,
the dead can not feel...

desk49 said...

That we do and nothing is saved.

Snaggle Tooth:
Yes and those crayons give us meaning