August 10, 2017


Of all the story’s
I try to tell
About my heaven’s
About my hell’s

In your eyes
I can clearly see
Not a single world
Is there for me

Your youth it glows
And lingers on
For mine is dead
And long gone

Reality is twisted
And keeps me blind
My eyes closed
For all time

So read not
The words I write
By this old fool
This very night

I’m quite sure
You’ll understand
You’ve read the words
From a insane man


Snaggle Tooth said...

Reality lingers in the dreams of now
Stranger things bother you
Than where I have been
But I know about the nightmares
And closing eyes against the pain,
Forever we re-live
What it is we can never change...

desk49 said...

Sbaggle nice to see you

I see how you
wrote those lines
with heart and soul
throughout time

and yet for some
love is not true
no heart was given
to me or you

so on we go
our own ways
what could one do
what could one say