October 26, 2017

? Love:

Love, who understands
Named by millions
Misused by more
No two the same
Yet we seek it
Long for it
Even kill
In hopes to find it
If by chance we do
We’ll toss it aside
Lost in some concept

Never finding the truth


Snaggle Tooth said...

One little change
N the perfect Love vanishes
Turning into angry red
From the Peachy start.
Turning then to crimson,
Blood gushing from the
Torn heart!

Hope you had a better Halloween than I did at work!

Lynn said...

Love - I'll never understand it.

desk49 said...

now that is waht I say about seeing a post true heart.

And those that do . do they tell the truth?

Thanks you two for dropping by.

desk49 said...


hold tightly to
your flowers of love
and dream of them
for eternity