January 1, 2018


Not all see their own soul within
Nor knows how to question why
They live in the darkness of their minds
Held there by the multitude
The blind Self-righteous conformist
Bent on keeping the untruths alive
We’re afraid to venture off the path that
Was built by self-centered hypocrite
Binding us to our fear of non-conforming
Blinding us from the truth within
Until we become the conforming
Hypocrites and bearers of the untruths


Lynn said...

Nidhi gave you such a good comment - I don't think I could say it better. :)

desk49 said...


When they face me and smile
I see their shadows hiding
in the cracks of darkness
behind their very soul
trying to fool me into
thinking only their right
yet I wonder if I’m not
seeing myself in a mirror
that I have made.


Lynn Lynn you know
your words are like
a glowing candle
in the pitch darkness
of a stormy night
giving me hope

Snaggle Tooth said...

This poem makes me remember reading "1984" again a couple years ago, n how society members are so easily brainwashed into believing their made-up truths plus history! The main character's job was to re-write history n shred the old documents proving it incorrect for the new story, like who was winning the war. John got so brainwashed he ended up believing his altered stories were facts by the end...

People are so punished for going against mainstream thought it is tough for those who resist! But there are more brave rebels now than before.
I hate hypocrites!

desk49 said...


And so the tail is told