February 28, 2018

Road Less Traveled:

Road less traveled
The theme it's to be
Something about myself
Few will ever see

Most of my story’s
Start with a rhyme
Giving you an idea of
what you’ll read this time

So this is the roads
I normally don't go down
You’ll see a side of me
I don't show round


The ghosts that walk within my mind
have walked there through endless time
In the shadows they hide and wait to spring
to remind me of so many things
They remind me too well
my life has been a living hell
Am I so very small
that I have to read the writing on the wall?
To find out that it was I
who placed the ghosts where they lie!


When she left,
my heart left with her
this passing of time
is now forever

Though longing tears
I will always weep
not finding her in
my arms so sweet

My heart will tremble
till we unite
the fire grows low
that burned so bright

Have I forgot the touch
of her sweet hands
when holding me
would feel so grand?

Though in time it seems
it all will fade
I cannot win this war
for which I wage

To hear her voice and feel
her kiss so light
is all that waits
this lonely night

Love Is Stronger:

His true love waits for him,
beyond the misty streams.
He sees her in his heart,
and holds her in his dreams.

A robin sings a lonely song,
with words he can feel.
Knowing the love of his life,
is laying so very still.

Hearing her call out his name,
over the oceans waves.
Beckoning him to follow her,
beyond her lonely grave.

No sun shines on his face,
flowing tears block it out.
Love is stronger than one's life,
looking up in pain he shouts.

He feels her hand slide in his,
he sees her glowing hair.
As he walks away with her,
he sees himself still there.


As he lays there with her
they hope of things to be.
Little toys and lots of noise
around a Christmas tree.

They lay holding each other,
talking about their plans.
He feels life in her womb
with the touch of his hand.

They plan of trips to take
down beside the sea.
Cool water will splash
upon their baby's knees.

He waits in the room,
with family standing round.
He is alone not by her side
he hears a chilling sound.

Looking at their smiling baby,
he can see her in her eyes.
Kneeling at his wife's grave,
he says his last good bye.


Silver hands glide through grassy woodlands,
while shadows dance across golden leaves.
Eyes glow red with fiery glances stolen,
small creatures scurrying with the breeze.

Glistening brooks sway with every shadow.
Their music beckons for us to come out and play
Watching us while we wandered aimlessly,
knowing where we walk she lights our way.

Great oceans though strong beckon to her call,
giving up their water over shores so grand.
Hand in hand lovers will gaze with envy,
together while walking through cool wet sand.

He Remembers:

He remembers the day he met her,
she was standing out in the rain.
Stopping to see if she could use his help,
she looked at him as if he was insane.

He remembers that sweet round face,
glistening eyes and those cute little lips.
Dropping her off at her house later on,
she happened to let her phone number slip.

He remembers the day they were wed,
her standing there in pearly white.
His car covered in paper and soap
and the first for them both that night.

He remembers the kids the first one
then two, and what number three!
With the nose and toys, and little cuts,
out back in the play house tree.

He remembers the doctor standing there,
not looking at him as he speaks.
He stands alone there by her grave,
tears flowing down both cheeks.

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet dreams, my little one.
Remembering things that were,
holding to things that are,
longing for things to come.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
In the twilight of tonight,
until the droning of first light,
feeling the rays of our sun.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
For the youth of your time,
of the aged that have refined,
for everything that is fun.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
For those that live in style,
clinging to life's trials,
from me, before I run.
Sweet dreams, my little one.


Thought I
Thought of you
Thought I lost you
Thought you went away
Thought you left me far behind
Thought I could not catch up to you
Thought you ran away from me too fast
Thought you made our love untwine
Thought today would never end
Thought our love was gone
Thought I wanted to die
Thought you did not
Thought why me
Thought I


Looking into your eyes I see no place for me
your smile beckons, your lips pull me close
I feel your hand touching mine
and I want to embrace you
but a simple picture is all I have
Seeing your picture does not help
Will this picture keep me warm tonight?
Can it take from my heart...this hopelessness?
Do you know this feeling of longing?
Longing to hold you, to see you, to smell your hair
longing just to hear your voice
This tugging at my heart...is it your eyes
your smile or the way you make me feel?
You are like the wind as it rushes by
Its cool fingers brushing my face
just to let me know it was here but not staying long
Going where, I do not know
Will it come back, I cannot tell

On this road less traveled
You saw into my soul
I’m at 1000 words
So, I have to go


Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow look at all these, surprise!

Fun to read. Like the I Thought shape design!
plus the logic.

Must slow down to read all these...

Snaggle Tooth said...

I read up to the Moon title so far.
Such depressing love poems of ghosts you did put there!
I feel like them. Melancholy from lost loves, I know the Angst n do feel ghosts.

I will return to absorb more another time...
Day Off is gone too fast when reading tax instructions all day! This was WAY better!

Denise Covey said...

Hi Ellis! Like Snaggle Tooth, I am taking some time to absorb your words, thoughts, passions. I so far have picked up on nostalgia, pathos, hope...I'm sure there's more. I'll be back to let it sink in. Thanks for sharing deep into your soul for this WEP challenge.


Anonymous said...

Your heart must be safe with her, I believe.

Elephant's Child said...

Poignant and powerful.
Tragic, lovely and all too familiar.

Denise Covey said...

Thanks for this peep into your soul, Ellis. I love the way you presented this story. The 'Thought' shape poem was brilliant. How clever are you! I just loved looking at it I must confess!

Thanks for a brilliant entry to the WEP Road Less Traveled.


Sandi said...

The one where the author is at his beloved's grave slayed me.

Thought: brilliant (thought I)

I am here from the Riad Less Traveled.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Ellis,

This is my first time at your blog and I must say your poetry is truly beautiful. So much emotion, love, life, and pain. I read half of them this time to contemplate and will come back again to finish the remaining few.

Thank you for sharing YOU with all of us.

Yolanda Renée said...

Wow, Ellis, that's quite a selection. Love, loss, birth and death all part of life's journey. You wrote them beautifully. Thank you for sharing you! A Road Less Traveled has many stops along the way!

Olga Godim said...

Love your poems. Very poignant. Very powerful. I wish I could write poetry like yours.

Nilanjana Bose said...

That's an entire lifetime's journey - roads travelled and untravelled summed up beautifully in one thousand words. Liked both the concept and execution, particularly loved the shape poem! How neat is that? Thanks for allowing a glimpse of your roads for this WEP.

Tyrean Martinson said...

I like how each poem went deeper in and deeper through the tangle of emotions and conflict. Thank you.

Carrie Ann Golden said...

I'm continually amazed at your talent as a poet! I enjoyed them all yet "He Remembers" is my favorite, so so bittersweet.

Christopher Scott said...

A uniformity of sadness unites the sad souls of the roads less traveled.


Deborah Drucker said...

You have really been missing/grieving this person. I hope time will help ease the pain of your loss.

J Lenni Dorner said...

Excellent share! You really outdid yourself. Formatting and everything. Great job!

Pat Hatt said...

So much emotion flows through and the flow is grand too. Excellent indeed at your feed.

Pat Garcia said...

You have a beautiful, caring way of defining what is significant in poetry. But it goes much deeper than that. The choice of your words throw reflections on or in the mind and these reflections make people think.
Shalom aleichem,

L.G. Keltner said...

Your poetry always amazes me. Moon is my favorite. I also loved the format you used for Thought. Brilliant!

D.G. Hudson said...

Thanks for allowing the peek into your soul. What do we see? Creativity in blossom. Powerful words for a powerful emotion, losing one love, and gaining another, although the two cannot be interchangeable. I like the variety, and your ability to keep the thread weaving through the words.

desk49 said...

You came by twice
That was nice
To look into my soul

Yes you came back again
my blogging friend

Three words you picked
Which on me you stick
You might’ve score a goal

No heart is safe
in this world of ours
for it will be ripped
from our souls
by the one that says
I Love You

Elephant's Cild:
Sorry you have been
taken by the four winds
Yet as we get older it
gets no better my friend

Denise Covey:
Thanks for you view
Upon this traveled Road
I posted for all of you

Brilliant I'm not sure I'd say
But a lot of emotions
Flowed those days

A slaying here is no way
I’d won’t it to be
But I normally don’t like
To show that side of me

Michael Di Gesu:
This is the first time
You’ve been at my sight
I’m glad you read what
You read last tonight

Yolanda Renée:
Thanks for dropping by
To show your support
On a road I don’t like
To go down

Olga Godim:
A broken heart
Would do just fine
A love that’s left
You far behind
Ghost that walk
Within your mind
I’d tread for your
Writing any time

Nilanjana Bose:
This Road I’d traveled
I did not like to go down
Yet in love one either
Swims or drowns

Thanks for dropping by

Tyrean Martinson:
You’re new to WEP or
I’ve not seen you it seems
So a tip of my hat and
I’ll be by to read your theme

Thanks :)

Carrie Ann Golden:
I wrote that about my Grandfather
When my Grandmother went to her rest
I remember the story’s he told us
About the things she did the best

I remembered my Aunts and Uncles
Out of six only three was his own
The other wife left him for another
Yet all six grew up in his home

Some of my poems still bring tears when I read them

Christopher Scott:
Yes some roads I try not to remember
For sadness rips at my soul
As a poet I try to write happy
for that is my one true goal

Deborah Drucker:
Not just one person
Have I’ve written about
For pain and agony from
The roof tops shouts
So my written to others
I try and reach out

J Lenni Dorner:
A simple one
I'll send your way
Thanks this night
Oops this day

I just looked at the clock.

Pat Hatt:
Emotion build up
And on me lays
My written helps
Me give it away

Pat Garcia:
Wow what more
Could I ask
Look deep
In my soul
Theirs more
For you to see

L.G. Keltner:
Thanks for dropping by
And reading through my poems
Most of the time from
Our written we won’t roam

D.G. Hudson:
When the thread is
Woven through out
One’s soul

My muse to me
Those words
Are told

I afraid for will
There be darkness
That shows