March 6, 2018

Four Trees:

Four Trees:

Two paths ahead
Where do they lead?
One went to heaven
The other hell

The entrance between
Those two paths
Were guard by
Four trees

Once you passed
You’d never get back
That was their job
You see


nidhi said...

Nature witness it all.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Planted by the natives no doubt...
to keep the pale faces out!

Denise Covey said...

Ellis, creepy trees. Ouch. Nature has a way of controlling us.

Is this your entry for A Road Less Traveled? If so, would you put WEP in the title so we can pick it up. The sign up goes up on April 1st...Denise

Lynn said...

Hmmm - I can see that.

desk49 said...

this is all that'll will probably show.

And never tells.

Not sure natives planted a lot of trees.

yes the picture had a bit of creepiness to it.

I'm thinking the path less traveled would be my pick.