April 30, 2018

Where Am I:

Do you know where I am?
A different place for each rhyme.

I saw the stars on stormy nights
And watch the New moon glow
I see many sun rises and sets
Because of how fast I go

I walked around the world real slow
With both hands pointing south
No bird will I ever see
That live here round about

My feet stand on molting rocks
My hair is frozen white
Yet things moving around me
Some fish with tiny lights

Another thing I must ask
As birds look up at me
Why do I set in this thing
And pay a great big fee

Water, water every where
And not a drop to drink
If I should  die tomorrow
They’d throw me in the brink

So if you know where I am
Please don’t tell another soul
Because once I’ve taken this trip
On any others, I cannot go

Three strikes and I’m out
Yet no game have I played
I fear for what I heard
I’ll not see light of day

Words to my left and right
Others high and low
But without my little card
None will they let go

A white sheet rapped around me
Power from my tummy to my thigh
There’s a great big window
And at me people waving Hi

Now this is the easiest one
For I’m seven feet tall
Some guy keeps whistling
And taking away the ball


Snaggle Tooth said...

It's gone.... Hope you are having a good holiday time Ellis! I miss you!

desk49 said...

Tell me what you want to read
Tell me what I should write
Tell me what you want to hear
So I can get at least one right

Tell me how each line should be
Tell me how you I could infatuate
Tell me how the poem should go
So I will know how to punctuate

Tell me how you always know best
Tell me how this went astray
Tell me if I'd just listened to you
I would know what to say

I know this poem is not long
I know this poem is rather Raw
I know I'm not great like you
But all my story's are flawed