September 9, 2009

I Know:

I Know:

No ship, no crash, no little men with black eyes.
No crop rings out in the cornrows.
But then, what do I know.
No cover up, just big bucks.
That makes a great show.
But then, what do I know.
Just some person saying, "Now here is how it is",
Then sits back watching the story grow.
But then, what do I know.
What, you say, you knew that too?
Will here's a fact, I just made up for you, hello!
But then, what do I know.
Remember you must always top them so add something,
because you're a story telling pro.
But then, what do I know.
Now this is how ... I heard the story.
You start out with a smile, your face all aglow.
But then, what do I know.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore


TALON said...

The story telling pro is so good at adding all the little bits of fiction that take an event and make it extraordinary. Like a snowball, the story grows...

Lynn said...

Storytelling can be like that. :)

Anky0112 said...

wowww..... u wrote it a while ago noo...
because you're a story telling pro.
But then, what do I know.

well I must add you know how to blend emotions and words together.

btw visited one of my poetry expressed your views in verses... am so impressed.. you are super talented.. u must b published..

my best wishes :)

JamieDedes said...

Love the repitition here and can just visualize the conversation .. Nicely done, Ellis.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A slight bit of a critic n sceptic -
Funny I tend to say that tons at work...

ElizabethR said...

Ellis, What is the title of your published book/piece?

This poem is very entertaining. But what do I know? :)

Jannie Funster said...

Very interesting, mysterious and revealing of your fine heart I think.

You are a fine writer!!


desk49 said...

At the coffee shop, we try and top the next guy. So yes, you’re right.

That is why I love to tell stories.

Yes I still write but in the blog I post a lot of old poems of mine to.
And Yes I’m published not big time but that don’t mater. One time only but that don’t mater. LOL

Thanks. We set at what I call the old farts table and by the time a story is over there is no telling what size of fish was really caught.

Who ME!
LOL have a great weekend.

I just looked it up and found the name is up for sale.
Thirteen volume 2 Issue 11 Halloween 2005 Edition : £3.50
Like I said one shot one time it did not make me or break me. I got a book a pat on the back and it did not cost me a penny. Mine was one of thirteen in the magazine. More like a paperback then a US magazine. if you want the story.

Yes I think too? Thanks