September 7, 2009

No Hope:

Did death itself write upon my brow
this number six-six-six
Will my soul burn to ashes white
because of my sins
No hope had I to cleanse this soul
from things I had done

I pray upon bent knees
as death cries out my name again
With holy water, I wash my brow
still, great pain burns my skin
No hope have I to cleanse my soul
with things that I now do

If my God would look my way
would he forgive me one more time
Can he see me through these burning flames
that lick upon my skin
No hope have I to cleanse this soul,
for that number burnt too deep within


TALON said...

I can't help thinking that this person isn't responsible for the things that they have done that they feel are beyond redemption...just my thoughts.

Very powerful and very very sad, Ellis.

Jannie Funster said...

God always forgives -- and he does so the first time we ask.

Don't know why, but there for the grace of Him go you and I. He is an awesome, awesome love.


Lynn said...

This is very dark - 666 usually alludes to the mark of the beast in the Bible. All sorts of scenarios come to mind with the words of your poem.

JH said...

"Oh thee of little faith" Our God is loving,merciful and good. As long as you have breath to ask for forgiveness. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Finally after 5 tries I got to the comment page here!
How terrible it must feel to think you're going to die before a chance to get to confession for absolution!
Luckily, I don't believe going to church is needed for that- but some folks do!
Nevermind thinking your crimes are unforgivable- such as suicide n murder I guess-
Reminds me of all those shootings in the news in recent years.

Sara said...

Well written, Ellis. Sometimes your poetry is a difficult read, but it's always a creative read:~)

I agree with Jannie -- The God I believe in forgives always and is full of love.

I've always struggles with the use of 666. I've known people who have freaked when the digital clock just happened to hit upon all those numbers at the same time. That's kind of scary to me when you think of many times this actually does occur.

Great job, Ellis:~)

Anky0112 said...

GOD always forgives--- an effort towards self improvement is just what god wants from us.

your poetry style is powerful indeed... there is so much depth ... n pain of course.

I wish u a long n happy life

viva la vida :)

desk49 said...

Are we not responsible for the things we do.
Not saying you’re wrong but we are the ones
That has to face the big guy in the end.

Three Parts
On part three God never looks back.

Right now we have one, to deny him. I believe soon there will be two #1 and the number 666.
No I have not it is just a poem. Yes a dark one but the one that ask. Am I okay or do I need to work on making sure I’m saved.

I’ve seen you around
Not sure through which door
I’m glad you dropped in and
I hope you’re not board

No soul was lost in the writing of that poem.

Me to snaggle me to

Yes I don’t like that number either.
The number is only bad when you take it as the mark of the beast.

Thank you for dropping by.
Yes there is always hope.
Will almost.