February 15, 2010

The word:

As I watch the flower inside of you slowly die
because of words unspoken, I wonder why?
There are only four letters in this word's name,
yet the world is consumed by playing it's game.
With the use of this word you've been mislead.
This word for some is not easily said.
Each one of us feel we must be told
how one feels by using this word of old.
I can't live without you here by my side.
Like you without it, I too would surely die.
When you ripped it out of my inner soul
I know that I would never want to grow old.
Tho all these tears flowing down my cheek,
my feelings for you could never reach a peak.
Please, give me just one more chance, tonight,
so I can say ""I love you"" and set things right.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


Jewel Allen said...

Four letters, that's all, yet so powerful indeed. I've never thought of love that way before. Interesting that the poem's tone shifts in the second half from being an observer, to a heartfelt plea.

Lynn said...

It is true - so many hesitate to say the word love. Very sweet ending, Ellis.

desk49 said...

Jewel Allen:
Yes sometimes me have to see what is going on before we can act upon it.

And it cost so many everything.

TALON said...

For some it's really hard to say it...but when they do it's totally worth it :)

desk49 said...

Yes to hear it when they mean it.

Short Poems said...

"As I watch the flower inside of you slowly die
because of words unspoken, I wonder why?" Beautiful words....loved your writing!

Jewel Allen said...

Ellis: I JUST discovered your "scary" poem in my "to be approved" comments. I am so very sorry for not catching it sooner. I loved it, I truly did, and commented on it in my "Back on Track" post. THANK YOU! :-)

desk49 said...

Short Poems:
Thanks for dropping by and the kind words.

"You will always be in my heart!"
Nice one I like the ones that remember back for tomorrow is unknown.

Jewel Allen:
No problem and thanks.

JamieDedes said...

The opening is stunning, Ellis, and the end is sweet and in between opening and end profound truth:love.
Perfectly wonderful poem.

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
your swelling my head. Thanks

Snaggle Tooth said...

I like it too!
A word that solves all the problems...

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
Yes at times it does.

Anonymous said...

Oh, THAT four letter word!!!! Whoops!

desk49 said...

Yes you and the Hog who's post seem to got wiped. That four-letter word.

Sara said...


What a touching and powerful poem. It is funny how the words "I love you" sometimes seem more important than our actions.It is easy to say "I love you"...the real test is how you show it.

Well written, Ellis:~)

desk49 said...

Words unspoken should be followed by action.

bschooled said...

This one makes me sad.

Which is good, since there have been times when guys I've dated have wondered if I even have a soul...;)

desk49 said...

I know you had a soul
I have question what type LOL

Okayt thanks for the droop by and nice words.