March 27, 2011

A playful Muse

I ask not for thine sweet words
For which mine eyes now see
My ears hear or this heart feels
Yet whisper upon thine own page
Wrap me into thine written words
So it holds our heart together
Letting thoughts be as one

A muse runs wild:
when both hands were placed upon the table
the ax that you removed them with was not swung
with love, understanding or pity yet
boldly hurled around as if none were there
a game like blind man's bluff so no guilt
will rest upon thine own shoulders
surely now no fingers can point back at thee


Snaggle Tooth said...

oooo oooo I can comment again! lol
I love when stuff just gushes out after being so bottled up!
I seldom credit a Muse tho, I think it's my radio-active imagination!
I like that axe action, as long as Lizzy Borden isin't involved!

Lynn said...

So good to see you back and that your muse has been with you.

TALON said...

Your muse is seriously scary, Ellis!

I liked this a lot - the word wraps from one each line in the second stanza was really neat.

ElizabethR said...

Yeah! And a giddy, gory, grandiose gripper of a couple of Muses no less!


Count Sneaky said...

Oh, you just scared the hell out of my muse.
She is hiding behind my fax machine and just cringed when I said, "Lizzy Borden took an axe and gave her parents 40 whacks.." Ah, but she will come out tomorrow with a bouquet of ideas
and be ready to go on this week's blog.

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
I'll keep any eye out for Lizzy. Thanks

It was the muse's falt I told her to sleep longer.

Thank you, For more then you know.

I'd point a finger at the muse but her ax cut clean.

Count Sneaky:
Tho muses run and hide
And ax’s do they swung
Fear not your muse from mine
For mine will run and scream

JamieDedes said...

Wow! Ellis is back with a vengence!

Jekyll and Hyde muses? The one honeyed and the other horror.

Good to see you back again, Ellis. Nice to know you couldn't resistl... or didn't want to.
Ha! Ha! :-)

Well done ... Poem on ...

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
The muse was not kind for it held the ax.


Jannie Funster said...

Sounds like spin-the-bottle, that last part. :)

I've missed you!!


JamieDedes said...

Ellis, it does happen sometimes. All we can do is wait it out. Glad you persevered.


desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
Wait what out?
No writer block here
Just so many things to do
places to go and I'm not ready.

JamieDedes said...

Happy Sunday, Ellis!

Just checking .... :-D

Sara said...


Sorry to be so late. Wow. You come back with a bang!

Izzy, my muse, said to tell you that your muse is really talented and powerful! However, she also says that your muse doesn't like to sleep, which makes her cranky and demanding. According to Izzy, your the motto of your muse is "no rest for the weary."

I'm really glad you're back:~)

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
and a happy Sunday to you also

To me you’re not late.

My muse thanks you
And so do I
Sleep is not in me
Even with closed eyes
My muse is name muse
She likes it that way
Tho she still don’t understand
Why an old man she picks
When she wants
To come out and play

bschooled said...

"Wrap me into thine written words
So it holds our heart together
Letting thoughts be as one..."

Your muse is brilliant, Ellis. I wish I had her....:)

desk49 said...

And having two muses's battaling it out within thine head?

You know not what thee ask.

Sara said...


Are you still taking a break or just writing once a week?

I miss reading your poetry and your stories.

desk49 said...

No set thing as of yet so still on break. More or less.