April 8, 2011

The Meaning of:

Questions spin within
Though I ask time and time again
I’m answered not--
no voice whispers in my ear
no words written upon the wall

Will my questions be answered when I die
or will I be kept in the dark
a place where even thoughts are silent


TALON said...

And this leaves me hoping that we do get the answers when the time comes...or at least have no awareness of the silence.

desk49 said...

If I'm given chooses three
I take 1 or 3 and pray not for 2.

JamieDedes said...

Well done ... and you already had a comment. Wonderful. Blessings to Talon.

Poem on, Ellis. :-)

Lynn said...

I always wonder if one was able to know the answers when the time comes, would one care still?

... Paige said...

somewhat chilling...darkness is so quiet it makes one's ears ring so the mind will not go mad.

Snaggle Tooth said...

OMG a post!
So curious with the questions-
Maybe you get answers but no longer have emotion to react to them! No anger, no Ah-Ha! moment- No brainwaves to question the answers!

desk49 said...

And a Thanks
Also one for dropping by.

A question for a question
They spin within you too.

Long time no see Then I’ve not been the best for dropping by either. Thanks

Snaggle Tooth:
LOL yes it is the muses fault.
So if there is none of the above
Would one need the answer?
Questions within questions
Around and around Snaggle and I go

Jannie Funster said...

Ask the flowers, they know about beauty.
Ask the rain, it knows about hope.
Ask the sparrow, it knows about joy.


desk49 said...

Jannie Funster:
And yet they tell us not.

ElizabethR said...

A wonderful poem Ellis. My thoughts almost exactly :)

desk49 said...

A big thanks

Sara said...


I really like that you're writing poems again.

I would think that when you die the questions aren't important anymore. I think there's a quiet peacefulness or at least that's my hope:~)

Have a good weekend, Ellis

desk49 said...


Will ah ya??
eyes crossing
holding breath

fish glue
God who knew


My mother took her 45
And said with a tinkle in her eye
I’m going after your dad
So you better not get mad

Now son don’t be sad
For your father I’m going to bag
please whatever your plan to do
Forget that damn bowl of fondue

JamieDedes said...

Second reading as satifying as the first, Ellis. Questions here we all ask. Well stated.

desk49 said...

In youth not needed
In middle age no time
Now as life slips by
long forgotten