April 19, 2011

My reply to a Jamie Dedes post:

Patter of raindrops
Cool innermost reflection
Of thoughts unspoken


Sitting by window
Watching raindrops fall freely
On cool spring morning


My muse was playing


... Paige said...

wish we had some rain

you won a Consolation Prize!

Lynn said...

You make the rain sound so lovely - as it often is.

TALON said...

Lovely, Ellis.

I can't wait to hear some rain drops...all we keep getting is snow - lol!

Sara said...


I like the haiku:~) It sounds like your muse is having a good time. Just tell her? or him? to let you keep playing.

I'd love it your wrote another poem using the sentences to make a design. I still forgotten the one you did quite awhile ago.

Hope you're having a great day, Ellis:~)

ElizabethR said...

They are wonderful Ellis. Especially as we are under a severe drought and have been for years. Just reading about the rain and raindrops did something good for my psyche.

What I'd give to be sitting by the window watching the raindrops fall! Oh, for some rain!

bschooled said...

So, what was your muse playing? ;)

Being in Vancouver I thought I was sick of the rain, but you make it sound nice.

desk49 said...

I feel like the lost duck
Quacking and quacking
Trying to find my way
And the only one
that hears me Is the fox

I wish you had some rain too
I’m sure some of the bloggers
Would give you some snow.

Yes the Pitter Patter does seem to put one at ease.

See Lynn LOL sorry I know too much of anything is bad.
Stay inside and keep warm and try and not catch a cold.

I’m not sure they meet all the points of a haiku from Japan but they work out for one from the USA.
Still thanks.

Sorry I should of ask Talon to load up some snow and sent it your way. I’m sure the soft flutter of snowflakes would do wonders too.

Last time I heard you were down South. Playing on your phone to get back up here. Will good to get you home even tho it is raining there.

... Paige said...

(still need your address to send you the consolation prize)


desk49 said...

I'm not sure what consolation prize your talking about. I did not put my name in the hat for anything.

Sara said...

I miss Ellis, oh, I do, I do...
Without his poetry, I am so blue.
The break he needed was due,
But without his words so true
My life is feeling like fish glue.

So rest weary writer do
And then return to us anew.
We will play the kazoo
And eat too much fondue,
Until your words again debut.

Or I'll keeping writing terrible rhyming poetry to you:~)

desk49 said...

Will ah ya??
eyes crossing
holding breath

fish glue
God who knew


My mother took her 45
And said with a tinkle in her eye
I’m going after your dad
So you had better not cry
Now son don’t be sad
For your father I’m going to bag
please whatever your plan to do
Forget that damn bowl of fondue

Jannie Funster said...

Cool poem! Of thoughts unspoken. Yes, 60,000 of them running through a mind in a day -- maybe more like 90,000 for we poet types!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry I'd thought I already had a comment here... Thanks blogger-

You make rain seem pleasant!
Many thoughts unspoken in the rain around here lately, n thunder n Lightning too! There's a loud drip onto a metal piece out there that wakes me up-

I hope the tornados are leaving you alone there.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Paige gives out nifty prizes. I got an apron. I think she said it was for a comment during the Stupid Blog Party

ElizabethR said...

Ellis, you won a prize from Paige for your comment on my winning (4th place) Stupid Blog Party Post.

BTW that:Sitting by window verse is so refreshing!

desk49 said...

Thanks lots of thoughts.

No problem no reply needed
Yes it seems I posted on another post and win something for being a stupid blog post.

As I told Snaggle is that one of those (thanks I think)
I think I’ll just let her redraw and give it to some other person. (Thanks anyway)