May 1, 2011


Just today the cool evening air
took me back to days long passed.
Memories raced through my head
so fast I knew it would not last.
I traveled back to run and play
along that slow moving brook.
Remembering the snack I used to take
to eat as I read my comic book.
I wish I could take you back with me,
tho I know you could not come along.
To just hang out and play together as the
clouds and sun just seem to linger on.
I tried to leave this world behind
hoping to live deep within my mind.
You found me off so far away
and brought me back again today.
You touched my dream and I saw you cry
as you looked deep into my eyes.
You saw there was but one place for me,
and it was not in this reality.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore


Lynn said...

So far away. That is lovely, Ellis.

TALON said...

Sometimes the memories are stronger than the reality. And this poem made me sad for someone lost in a past that obviously brought them more joy than the present.

desk49 said...

Yes far away and long ago.

So very true. Many times the past is a greater reality, shields us from pain and holds us in arms stronger than any lover.

What glows in the flame of a match?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories Ellis, sad ending. A very touching poem.

I'm having trouble posting my comment Ellis so I'm going Anony Mouse :)

Sara said...


First of all, I so pleased to see you have a poem up.

It made me sigh because there's nostalgia in this one. To me, you've captured in these words the desire for the present and the haunting of the past.

Well written, Ellis:~)

Count Sneaky said...

You're slipping away, Ellis, into the past and it holds a greater attraction to you than the present. You have captured this past quite well in your poems and there is a profound sadness here. But, you have the present. A wonderful gift. Here you may bury your sorrow and pain in service to others, there is joy in this; and, in continuing to write your fine poetry.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I used to hide in that place with comic books too! Such nifty memories just a breeze can take you to-
My place was the attic pile of big bros old comics - still have a spiderman issue in the backroom here! But Superman was my fave series

desk49 said...
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desk49 said...

Thanks A lot of time I wonder if we should not just let the old live within their own memories.

Will thanks only new things I’ve written are replies. Not sure if it is worth keeping.

Count Sneaky:
Thanks this was about my grandmother she keep slipping back to live in the past and I use to wonder if it was not best to just let her stay there.

Snaggle Tooth:
As you can see from my other replies. Now as for me I go back and wonder what if.

JamieDedes said...

Ellis, this is so very lovely and so dreamlike. Well done. Welcome back!

desk49 said...

Thank you,
Feelings written yet now gone.