May 10, 2011

Lost words:

What I write is from the past
Thoughts and words from long ago
As if time had open a door
To let sweet words run free
Yet now this heart from a harden soul
Speaks no verse or rhyme
No pen writes of a muse’s song
No keyboard beats out a tune
Now only tear upon dry cheeks
For it seems my words have gone
Only hope and dreams now live
And even they’ll not last long


Lynn said...

I'm glad you let these sweet words run free!

ElizabethR said...

Ellis, once a poet always a poet. There are dry seasons when our muse busies herself with other stuff. Or maybe she's just not feeling it. But the day will come when she will nudge you on the heart and say, listen-up! Then your poetry will flow once again. Don't lose hope for that place you were once at. Everything is possible.

TALON said...

I love how writers write of not writing. It's the muse toying with us...keeping us humble...and then still producing fabulous writing. :)

desk49 said...

Time stop for no one
for today came and went
yet screams were heard
from long ago and no murmur
was heard sense

Yes dry as the air
on a hot summer noon
tho Fall approaches
time waits for no one

Sweet words you press
upon my brow
tho few words rumble
within this hollow skull


Snaggle Tooth said...

A song an old friend wrote was "Where habe the words gone... that used to write a simple song..." n it WAS a simple song!
This train of thought is present Here! You write poems n rhymes every day in comments.
Tho it may not be your greatest pieces, they are still worthy n have been created by your ever creating mind... you are so modest!

Snaggle Tooth said...

shoot! "have"

desk49 said...

Snaggle tooth:
My muse is but a vampire
Sucking rhymes and thought of others
twisting, turning, folding them over and over
until lines of black can be placed upon paper white

and it is a lot of fun doing it. :-)

JamieDedes said...

It will all come back when the time is right. Gestation periods happen and we don't even recognize them until they're over and we've done something quite good. I agree so with, Talon, but also understand your reserve.

Don't give up ...

desk49 said...

I know someday soon
words are so much fun
Still should I worry
either I leave painted rocks
or bread crumbs
showing where I've been
or where I'm going
will not both just vanish
leaving no trace behind
for am I not just a whisper
in the winds of time

Sara said...


I like what ElizabethR said and agree with her. Your words will come again.

Wait a minute, hold everything!!! You are still finding the words -- look at your comments and your replies. They are always creative:~)

Your muse is toying with you!!!! He probably wants to be paid more or to have you beg, but, in truth, you fooled him...

You ARE still finding the words. You're just putting them in different places:~)

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
I see the blog
has toyed with us
and took some
words away

So I'll just tip
my hat to you
and smile as I
continue to play

What can I say
my muse is a lady
all fit and prim
and every change
she gets with me
she'll dig her claws
deep down in