January 28, 2015

True Love

wrath of nightmares
loom far below
in our hearts
they turn us cold

are they true
the things we see
or only what
ones soul believes

they eat us up
over spent time
poisoning all corners
of our feeble mind

is love not
the same I fear
your coldness of heart
and my nightmares

this love we tell
each other is true
it will only last
a year or two

nothing like what we
hoped or planed
this love thing
from mortal men


Lynn said...

There's definitely some truth in that message, my friend. Good to see you posting!

Sara said...

Like Lynn said...it's good to see putting up a post!!

This stanza really jumps out at me:

they eat us up
over spent time
poisoning all corners
of our feeble mind

These words evoke such a strong visual reaction...at least in me.

Sometimes we put too much into what we love and doing so can consume more than give us what we need.

desk49 said...

Lynn & Sara

The price we pay for feelings are never free. Most of the time we over pay.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A wise man once told me:
No one hurts us more than the one we love.

I believe:
Love is different for everyone.
Romance is definitely difficult to maintain. That's why most successful long term partners are also best friends.

Betraying trust is always a deal breaker, that's where folks go wrong.

It also helps to just say, "Yes Dear" alot instead of arguing.
That's what my Dad did!

desk49 said...

Why do wise men
think us
they must teach

Love is difficult
you're wright
it's different for each