December 30, 2009


One wife, one life,
one lord of the ring.
One boss and it would cost
me, my little (oops can't say that).
One house, one louse
now there I am king.
One car, one star,
she will let me know
who is the Queen.
There is just one cat
and she controls this one rat!
So she don't have
to worry about a thing!

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 28, 2009


I tried to reach out to you, even tho
my heart was filled with so much pain.
My tears flowed down both cheeks
flooding this soul with cold inner rain.
As you walked away, I stood there in fear
not saying what I wanted to say.
What will become of me
without you by my side day after day?
The years we shared were tossed in the wind
like leaves on that fall day.
You never looked back
you were lost in thoughts that would not stray.
Were you looking for a life
with new and greater things to see?
Had you thought about this day,
thought of it many times without me?
My heart sunk into a bottomless pit
as you vanished from my sight.
Turning that day I also did not look back,
somehow knowing, I to would be all right.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 23, 2009


They said our eyes are the windows to our souls.
They said the best years are when were old.
They said the sun always rises in the East.
They said big businesses are hungry beasts.
They said this love would only last a while.
They said the best way to deceive is to smile.
They said this job must be done by tonight.
They said and you can't go till it's done right.
They said a motor half its size will hold.
They said if it fails their not to be told.
They tell us this and then they tell us that.
They boss us around like a bunch of rats.
When I ask I am told they cannot say.
All I want to know was! Who are "they"?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 21, 2009


As we went through life we tried to pick our perfect mate.
We looked for one that would make it out the starting gate.
Our friends and family try to tell us to stop, think, and see.
They ask us to ask ourselves! Is this really the one for me?
Seeking the perfect mate is like matching notes to a song.
We know this is our mate, no way our heart would pick wrong.
After all the lies they told us, hoping we would never stray.
We wonder why they would even ask, why we left that day?
We sit and ask ourselves what we might have seen in them?
Could it have been a fantasy or just another whim?
Next time we should ask if they're as perfect as they can be.
I know our blind love will say, yes, sure, of course, definitely.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 16, 2009

Night after BDU’s:

After the other night in BDU’s
no one got hurt, not Saint Nick
or the nine you know who’s

The sled’s runner was all bent.
So back to the North Pole
Saint Nick had it straight sent.

It seems all the blood that flew
was some farmer’s dinner
yes… some duck he named Sue.

Saint Nick was really pissed mate
He put my kids on probation
till the youngest turned fifty eight.

I told Old Nick, listen here Bud
the next thing I know I was,
hitting the ground with a thud.

Santa shook his fist with a grudge
I smiled getting up from the ground
and said… boys get out that scud.

Copyright ©2004 Ellis William Moore

December 14, 2009

The Night before Christmas in BDUs:

It was there on the lawn when I got home
last night from where I’ve been.
I’m not sure but I think somewhere
around about a half past ten.

An old glowing brown sack full of gifts
with kids around it, with sheepish grins.
I know from their, not me dad looks,
they’ve been up to something then.

That cloud of dark smoke in the East,
I saw through the back door screen.
The big oak tree’s branches were
strangely snow fallen clean.

My R.P.G. had recently been fired
laying there just dropped, I know,
and slay bells were all around,
in the blood spattered snow.

Old Saint Nick must have lost his way
in the dark and had quite a fright.
For it seems he drove his sled too close
to the kids gunnery range last night.

Copyright ©2004 Ellis William Moore

December 9, 2009

Gold Watch:

When I was young I needed a job
so I went to this company.
I told them about myself
hoping they'd hire me.
The day I started I was told
work hard and get along.
If I did what they said
nothing would go wrong.
They are always changing the rules
there never quite the same.
I did my best those many years
trying to play their game.
I strive so hard to get to be
one of the very few.
When I put that Gold Watch on
death was all I viewed.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 7, 2009


As you glanced,
you walked through my heart.
I heard words
you never spoke to me.
You held me so softly
I could feel it.
I saw things;
my eyes would never see.
You gave my world light,
which was only dark.
Glancing I thought,
I might ask to sit.
Life engulfed us,
as fear pushed us apart.
I walked on wondering,
did I walk through your heart?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 2, 2009

Your Touch:

Words from your lips holds
me tightly wrapped in your arms.
Your touch caresses my heart.
Those eyes keep me safe.
Your emotions embrace me.
That smile makes me strong.
Are all your words of love mine?
Dare I hope to keep you with me?
Will you stand by my side forever?
Today is now, just us here together.
Tomorrow we will wait and see.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore