February 24, 2010

Old Friend:

Oh great southern pine out in the yard
with needles falling from your hands
She planted you before starting our family,
now look at you there so strong and proud
Your arms out stretched,
trying to keep the morning sun off my windowsill
Standing there against the wind and rain,
holding back the snow that tried to hurt our home
You sent her pine cones so she could decorate
They made our Christmas tree come alive
A nest of mocking bird in your branches,
their songs fill the air along with your sweet scent of pine
I watch the moon through your branches, its silver light
brings back memories, of the dreams we sheared
Now you branches hang low, so the kids can take a few,
to make a wreath for her grave, because you loved her too

Copyright ©2002 Ellis W. Moore

February 22, 2010

In You:

As I try to do battle in this coliseum
of life facing trials and setbacks.
It's gladiators hammering me
from all sides with out mercy.
I can see in the far distance
a light in your eyes, a light of hope.
There in your heart is a place of rest,
a place I can feel safe.
In these darkest hours I find that hope.
In you I find inner strength and dignity
Because of you I can go on in this life.
This fight for life I know someday
will end, but till then thank you.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis W. Moore

February 17, 2010

Your Poem:

You ask me to read your poem
and give you advise for that gem.
If I might say before I start,
write your poem from your heart.
Tell the world how you feel,
not what they think is real.
Don't let people change your mine
how you think your poem should rime.
Even if they don't think it's right,
only you have to sleep with it tonight.
People will tell you, my friend,
how they would make it end.
Just smile and say, that's fine,
but please do not change your mine.
So if your poem speaks to your soul,
it is worth your weight in Gold.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

February 15, 2010

The word:

As I watch the flower inside of you slowly die
because of words unspoken, I wonder why?
There are only four letters in this word's name,
yet the world is consumed by playing it's game.
With the use of this word you've been mislead.
This word for some is not easily said.
Each one of us feel we must be told
how one feels by using this word of old.
I can't live without you here by my side.
Like you without it, I too would surely die.
When you ripped it out of my inner soul
I know that I would never want to grow old.
Tho all these tears flowing down my cheek,
my feelings for you could never reach a peak.
Please, give me just one more chance, tonight,
so I can say ""I love you"" and set things right.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

February 10, 2010


Only time will tell then it is too late.
Will I stand at the pearly gates?
Will I have to clean the stars?
Will I have rags and gas filled jars?
Will I be nothing but a pile of dust?
Will I have no thoughts, is this just?
Every thing I thought and learned,
will be nothing but dust in an urn.
I ask my God for his forgiving nature.
I'm hoping for a life in his hereafter.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

February 3, 2010


She has a moat around her house,
how deep does that water flow?
Is it there to keep one out?
You have two moon’s in the sky,
will they cry out to warn you?
Is that why you tried to hide?
That one-way bridge is so very thin,
does it keep track of who comes in?
Is it yes, then how long has it been?
A house without windows high/low,
how, oh how, can you ever hope to grow?
Is this why your heart is healing so slow?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

February 1, 2010


As I try to understand life
I walk in a void between then and now.
Seeing only what my eyes want
yet I know they lie to me.
My feelings fool me at every turn
of my journey through time.
Yet I cling to each of those feelings
as if they are my will to live.
Could my dreams be cries for help,
trying to get me to see the truth?
Have I stayed on the path of reality
or fallen into the abyss of insanity?
Someday knowing I will have to look at
myself in the mirror of life, I wonder,
will that mirror show me I have done well,
or will I even recognize who is looking back at me?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore