December 30, 2009


One wife, one life,
one lord of the ring.
One boss and it would cost
me, my little (oops can't say that).
One house, one louse
now there I am king.
One car, one star,
she will let me know
who is the Queen.
There is just one cat
and she controls this one rat!
So she don't have
to worry about a thing!

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 28, 2009


I tried to reach out to you, even tho
my heart was filled with so much pain.
My tears flowed down both cheeks
flooding this soul with cold inner rain.
As you walked away, I stood there in fear
not saying what I wanted to say.
What will become of me
without you by my side day after day?
The years we shared were tossed in the wind
like leaves on that fall day.
You never looked back
you were lost in thoughts that would not stray.
Were you looking for a life
with new and greater things to see?
Had you thought about this day,
thought of it many times without me?
My heart sunk into a bottomless pit
as you vanished from my sight.
Turning that day I also did not look back,
somehow knowing, I to would be all right.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 23, 2009


They said our eyes are the windows to our souls.
They said the best years are when were old.
They said the sun always rises in the East.
They said big businesses are hungry beasts.
They said this love would only last a while.
They said the best way to deceive is to smile.
They said this job must be done by tonight.
They said and you can't go till it's done right.
They said a motor half its size will hold.
They said if it fails their not to be told.
They tell us this and then they tell us that.
They boss us around like a bunch of rats.
When I ask I am told they cannot say.
All I want to know was! Who are "they"?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 21, 2009


As we went through life we tried to pick our perfect mate.
We looked for one that would make it out the starting gate.
Our friends and family try to tell us to stop, think, and see.
They ask us to ask ourselves! Is this really the one for me?
Seeking the perfect mate is like matching notes to a song.
We know this is our mate, no way our heart would pick wrong.
After all the lies they told us, hoping we would never stray.
We wonder why they would even ask, why we left that day?
We sit and ask ourselves what we might have seen in them?
Could it have been a fantasy or just another whim?
Next time we should ask if they're as perfect as they can be.
I know our blind love will say, yes, sure, of course, definitely.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 16, 2009

Night after BDU’s:

After the other night in BDU’s
no one got hurt, not Saint Nick
or the nine you know who’s

The sled’s runner was all bent.
So back to the North Pole
Saint Nick had it straight sent.

It seems all the blood that flew
was some farmer’s dinner
yes… some duck he named Sue.

Saint Nick was really pissed mate
He put my kids on probation
till the youngest turned fifty eight.

I told Old Nick, listen here Bud
the next thing I know I was,
hitting the ground with a thud.

Santa shook his fist with a grudge
I smiled getting up from the ground
and said… boys get out that scud.

Copyright ©2004 Ellis William Moore

December 14, 2009

The Night before Christmas in BDUs:

It was there on the lawn when I got home
last night from where I’ve been.
I’m not sure but I think somewhere
around about a half past ten.

An old glowing brown sack full of gifts
with kids around it, with sheepish grins.
I know from their, not me dad looks,
they’ve been up to something then.

That cloud of dark smoke in the East,
I saw through the back door screen.
The big oak tree’s branches were
strangely snow fallen clean.

My R.P.G. had recently been fired
laying there just dropped, I know,
and slay bells were all around,
in the blood spattered snow.

Old Saint Nick must have lost his way
in the dark and had quite a fright.
For it seems he drove his sled too close
to the kids gunnery range last night.

Copyright ©2004 Ellis William Moore

December 9, 2009

Gold Watch:

When I was young I needed a job
so I went to this company.
I told them about myself
hoping they'd hire me.
The day I started I was told
work hard and get along.
If I did what they said
nothing would go wrong.
They are always changing the rules
there never quite the same.
I did my best those many years
trying to play their game.
I strive so hard to get to be
one of the very few.
When I put that Gold Watch on
death was all I viewed.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 7, 2009


As you glanced,
you walked through my heart.
I heard words
you never spoke to me.
You held me so softly
I could feel it.
I saw things;
my eyes would never see.
You gave my world light,
which was only dark.
Glancing I thought,
I might ask to sit.
Life engulfed us,
as fear pushed us apart.
I walked on wondering,
did I walk through your heart?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

December 2, 2009

Your Touch:

Words from your lips holds
me tightly wrapped in your arms.
Your touch caresses my heart.
Those eyes keep me safe.
Your emotions embrace me.
That smile makes me strong.
Are all your words of love mine?
Dare I hope to keep you with me?
Will you stand by my side forever?
Today is now, just us here together.
Tomorrow we will wait and see.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 30, 2009


Dreaming of life
Dreaming of needs
Dreaming of the future
and things to be
Dreaming of hope
Dreaming of change
Dreaming of a love
with no restraints
Dreaming of adventures
Dreaming of fears
Dreaming of all children
and their tears
Dreaming of truth
Dreaming of lies
Dreaming of just you
with opened eyes

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 25, 2009

Home work

This is my friend’s daughter homework paper.
The assignment was to trace a white blood cell through the body.
This is how she did it.


I drew my sword to evaluate it one last time. Perfect, I thought, ready for battle. The blade gleamed in the light and I smiled at its magnificence. My name is Beccalyn Nightlong, I am a white blood cell, and I am about to be sent into battle.

I whistled to call in my trusty steed, Poppy. She raced toward me like lightning, her black mane and coat glistening. I mounted along with the other knights as she reached me.

"Ready Knights?!?!" called our leader, "Let's go!!!" We all cheered as we urged our steeds forward.

Around midnight, we reached the Vein woods. They were black and creepy, and we knew the Viruses would be waiting for us. The Viruses were black knights sent by the evil Lord Bacteria to stop us from retrieving oxygen for the Kingdom of Femur. I told Poppy to be ready and tensed myself for the battle.

It happened suddenly. We were surrounded by the black Viruses. I drew my sword and fought hard.

The battle was a blur, but it was over quickly. I sheathed my sword and surveyed the damage. We had lost a few Knights, but those of us left rallied and pressed forward, straight to the Capillary River.

We were slowed slightly, and one of us drowned in the plasma, but other than that, our journey had been safe enough. We were almost to our destination, when, once again we were stopped by the viruses.

I drew my sword, stabbed one, and it evaporated into nothing. I stabbed another and the same thing happened. And, so I went on stabbing, dodging, slashing, ducking, swaying; until the battle was over. The Viruses had been defeated, and our path to the Inferior Vena Cave was clear.

We rode into the tunnel one by one, smiling. We had made it to Heart Castle. We slipped through the Right Atrium into the Left Ventricle and on the Semi-Lunar Valve, where we retrieved oxygen and passed it on to the Red Blood Cells to carry back to the Kingdom of Femur.

"Well Knights," our leader called, "the journey was hard, but we made it! You all fought well!"

We all cheered as we remounted, and prepared for the journey home. Our mission was fulfilled!


Age 13, GRADE 7TH

November 23, 2009


We will never have our soul sealed
with lies we tell them that are real.
Not like a cat with nine lives-
you know a lie never dies.
All the little lies we try to tell-
we cover them till they grow and swell.
In all the stories we fill with lies
we lose the truth that lies inside.
We never see the tears that flowed,
in the heart of the one we turned cold.
Never again will the love be there-
this truth that we could not share.
We go on as if everything is all right-
we are at our best in the dark of night.
Little white lies that no one sees-
these lies are killing you and me.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 18, 2009

The Gift:

The star that shined from above so bright,
so long ago on that very special night.
Gave to three from afar hope for who they sought,
for the light of the world, gifts they brought.

Though for the one in power he was alarmed,
the wise ones left so our gift wouldn't be harmed.
He thought his throne this new one came to steal,
so in rage he sent out his men to find and kill.

Men were sitting out keeping watch in the field,
not knowing that soon their fate was sealed.
Seeing a light and hearing that song so grand,
they went to see the new ruler of their land.

With no rooms to be had throughout the town,
wrapping him in cloth - in straw they laid him down.
No one knew that night how great he would be,
but he turned out to be a savior for me.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 16, 2009


Her innocence was stolen
in the blink of an eye.
The love for her husband
would quickly die.
Week after week she lived
in turmoil and strife.
It was not long she started
worrying for her life.
After she found that deep
inside of him evil lurked.
She still tried her best
to make their marriage work.
Though she cried for her husband
that cold lonely night.
There was nothing left in her
but tears and fright.
Someday she will find
someone her love will steal.
As for now she knows
her heart will have to heal.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 11, 2009

The Wedge:

Is my heart
as dark as night
full of hate,
gloom and fright

No small glow has
shone from within
or given love,
To foe or friend

Have I done
anything at anytime
to change this
black heart of mine

It helped me drive
between us this wedge
Is this cold heart,
of mine now dead?

November 9, 2009



You gave me a glimpse of something grand.
You made me more than just a man.
You shine a light on my life so dark.
To heal a place in my aching heart!
To have your words wash my tears away.
To feel such love! From you each day!
I longed for things until I was very sad.
I wish for them, so I thought I was bad.
I felt foolish for dreaming, dreams of love.
Is our love going to fit me like a pair of gloves?
Is your love really beyond my wildest dream?
Is it as hopeless for me as I made it seem?
Why did I rate your love for so long?
Why did I not wake up and find you gone?
Why? Because these years you kept it strong!

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

November 4, 2009

Love Lost:

She turned and left I stood there
letting her rip the heart from my soul
her hair tossing in the wind.
I know I could not stop her
for it was I that told her to go.
Was I not man enough to say stop
Was I man enough to let her go.
I tried to make myself hate her.
Hate her? Can I hate myself?
Can I hate the air I breathe,
the sun that warms me,
or the cool night breeze?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 2, 2009


to feel your arms around me
to smell the scent of your hair
to know the touch of your lips to mine
to be in heaven for just that second
is to know eternity

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore

October 28, 2009

What If:

Far down in the tunnel I see a light
is it a train or the tunnels end.
Should I hide or run to that light?
What if I do not chose right?

Down the steep mountain side,
it's fast curves run left and right.
Should I keep you close by my side?
What if I never take that ride?

I see the waves breaking over land,
standing beside my tiny boat.
Should I try to sail from this land?
What if I just leave it in the sand?

You're like water rushing over a river stone
singing a song just for my ears.
Should I add just one more stone?
What if I pass, can I bear to be alone?

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore

October 26, 2009


She looks through her eyes so bright
like dewdrops glistening on lilies white.
Seeing her lover standing there so strong
gives her the strength for this day so long.
Leaning on those arms that hold up her soul
she feels of warmth and womanly glow.
He seems further away; then she remembers
his smile not so bright, charming or tender.
She looks through his eyes and sees another.
The hurt, fear and betrayal makes her shudder.
Her heart grows cold and those eyes go dim.
What could she have ever seen in him?

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore

October 21, 2009

Have you ever:

Have you ever tried to hold the wind
with leaves running around?
Have you ever tried to find a friend
when looking all over town?
Have you ever tried to catch a smile
that's not for you it seems?
Have you ever tried to run a mile
around the rainbow's beams?
Have you ever tried to take a thought
out into the burning light?
Have you ever tried true love brought
in the middle of the night?
Have you ever tried to find one word
you will never get to rhyme?
Have you ever tried to give to her
the truest love of all time?

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore

October 19, 2009

Can They:

I stand and feel the wind go by
and watch the rustling of the leaves.
I know there is a God because
he made every one of the trees.
Did all the stars in the sky get in
their places from one big boom?
No, God hung them one by one,
like we would decorate a room.
I know scientists have pulled
my DNA apart by every strain.
Now let's see if they can make
a woman out of a rib from a man.
Can they give her a soul and have
her bear new life from within?
Will she know right from wrong
so she won't have to face her sins?
Why do they try and make me believe
things that I know are not so?
When I die I have no doubt I will have
a much better place to go?

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore

October 14, 2009



Maple trees out back in the yard
with leaves turning golden-brown.
The sun is bright but the air is crisp
I pull my coat up tighter around.
A crow, with strong black wings outstretch
floats to the leafy covered ground.

Trails of smoke rise from the chimneys,
slowly trickling up into the sky.
Cows seem restless wanting me to hurry
for the sun is rising high.
The smell of hickory bacon cooking
fills the air making my taste buds sigh.

Looking across the grassy meadow
I see ducks flying over the pond so low.
My friend stops by to talk about the harvest
and ask if summer went by too slow.
I looked around at all that has happened
turning I smile and whisper no.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

October 12, 2009

Wind Runner’s:

Run Tumble Weeds run
racers across the vast plains of time
running before the wind.
No home to call your own
clinging to anything you can
in hopes to find a place for yourself.

On Tumble Weeds on
you left the home of your youth
for the future of those to come.
Before you lies open nothingness
with only the wind to guide you
and the will to seek anew.

Run on Tumble Weeds run on.

Copyright ©2005 Ellis William Moore

October 7, 2009

From a comment

I was asked to post a comment I made
from another blog. Jamie Dedes its been tweaked.

A female chauvinist
you call yourself
for you see things
of love, as woman

A strong sailing ship,
a brand new car
or a rainbow after
a sweet summer rain

Then what would I be
for only a woman could
inspire so much love
like the crescent moon

The man in the moon
is only there because
she holds him
dear to her heart

First time written for
Second time posted for

September 30, 2009

Every Thing:

Every Thing:

Every thing we wanted.
Every thing we find.
Every thing we lost.
Will someday be tossed.

Every thing we made.
Every thing we had.
Every thing we gave.
Nothing will be saved!

Every thing we love.
Every thing we hate.
Every thing we say.
Time will wash away.

Every thing we dreamed.
Every thing we became.
Every thing we learned.
Will fit into that urn.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

September 28, 2009

Snow Falling:

Snow Falling:

The white frozen crystals of liquid vapor
Float all around softly coasting to the ground
Our big tomcat lying over by the fire
Curled up in a ball gives out a low purr

Flames dance across the red glowing embers
Sparks pop into the air as dad moves a log around
Sissy with sleepy eyes stumbles by wrapped in a blanket
Holding it to her tight, as if no one knew it was hers

Moms humming a new tune she heard on the radio
As she puts that pan of biscuits in the hot stove
Dad looks across the room with his boots in hand
I quickly scurry for my coat knowing it is time to go

As we walk to the barn across the new fallen snow
I see red and white sparkling across a field of gold
Dad turns our cows out of the barn into their new home
As I throw another block of hay down to them far below

I set here thinking about these things as cars rush by
What did I gave up long ago to have this city life
I stare out my window watching black snow falling
Will anyone ever understand why, when it snow's I cry

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

September 23, 2009

The Awards I was given this week.

Thank you one and all.
I don't think these awards were ment to pass along
but if anyone sees one they would like
please feel free to let me know.

All awards were sent to
All death threats were delete

September 21, 2009



She walked into the room and all heads turned
Her dress was made of polyunderus, later we learned.
Smoother then new silk, shinier then the finest gold.
With silver threads running throw it-a sight to be hold.

As she slowly walked to the middle of the room,
this polyunderus dress flowed like light from the moon.
Moving as if this material had a mind of it's own.
She could not afford this dress so it much be on lone.

She danced all night with every man at the ball,
we all wanted to touch the loveliest dress of all.
With the tower striking the last stroke of twelve,
She vanished before our eyes and did it quite well.

All the men sit around with their head in their hands,
The party was over without her and that dress so grand.
The ladies were mad but what could we have done,
When we got home we found our pockets picked every one.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

September 16, 2009



Looking into your eyes I see no place for me,
your smile beckons; your lips pull me close.
I feel your hand touching mine
and I want to embrace you,
but a simple picture is all I have.
Seeing your picture does not help.
Will this picture keep me warm tonight?
Can it take from my heart...this hopelessness?
Do you know this feeling of longing?
Longing to hold you, to see you, to smell your hair,
longing just to hear your voice.
This tugging at my it your eyes,
your smile, or the way you make me feel?
You are like the wind as it rushes by?
It's cool fingers brushing my face,
just to let me know it was here but not staying long.
Going where I do not know.
Will it come back, I cannot tell.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

September 14, 2009

What Is Good Poetry:

What Is Good Poetry:

I don’t understand this poetry, man
it makes me not know what to do.
Poems I write that I don’t like,
I’m given raving reviews.
Poems that I think are great,
flop like a old wet fuse.
What’s in poetry that turns people on?
Could anyone give me a clue?
Sometimes it’s love, sometimes blood,
sometimes just dying will do.
I’m starting to think it’s an inner link,
true feelings that you put through.
If I’m happy and let it show.
If I’m sad and let it flow.
If I’m mad and rant and rave,
would that make me a better poet today?
I don’t think my feelings help much
it is your feelings that I must try to touch.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

September 10, 2009

9, 11, 2001:

As the NY twin brothers fell
they sent 3000+ to heaven or hell.
With fingers pointing to and fro
if we do anything a holy war we will go.
I think we will need God on our side
if I were him I would look away and sigh.
They throw him out of all our schools
we're told to over look his golden rules.
The constitution said to separate church from state
not to teach us God was another of man's mistakes.
They say we came from a monkey not God's hand
but still I see signs saying God bless this land.
They didn't understand how the twin's fate came about
though they have records on the ones they sought out.
If you have to ask I'm 100% red white and blue
I would give my life willingly for America too.
So yes I will do what I feel needs to be done
I will pray for the families of those who died as one.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

September 9, 2009

I Know:

I Know:

No ship, no crash, no little men with black eyes.
No crop rings out in the cornrows.
But then, what do I know.
No cover up, just big bucks.
That makes a great show.
But then, what do I know.
Just some person saying, "Now here is how it is",
Then sits back watching the story grow.
But then, what do I know.
What, you say, you knew that too?
Will here's a fact, I just made up for you, hello!
But then, what do I know.
Remember you must always top them so add something,
because you're a story telling pro.
But then, what do I know.
Now this is how ... I heard the story.
You start out with a smile, your face all aglow.
But then, what do I know.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

September 7, 2009

No Hope:

Did death itself write upon my brow
this number six-six-six
Will my soul burn to ashes white
because of my sins
No hope had I to cleanse this soul
from things I had done

I pray upon bent knees
as death cries out my name again
With holy water, I wash my brow
still, great pain burns my skin
No hope have I to cleanse my soul
with things that I now do

If my God would look my way
would he forgive me one more time
Can he see me through these burning flames
that lick upon my skin
No hope have I to cleanse this soul,
for that number burnt too deep within

September 1, 2009


A word loosely dropped, a thought revealed.
Nothing was meant, yet now fate is sealed.
Trust is broken from a slip of this tongue.
This friendship will die to which I clung.
I ask myself how I could’ve been a fool
I meant nothing by it, I thought it was cool.
Now my friend is gone and it’s not the same.
A word thoughtlessly used is not just a game.
It’s too late, for a new scar is across my heart.
I put it there not knowing it would never part.
If it had been only me, I would still feel bad.
Yet the dominoes fall in this world gone mad.
How many friendships will my words undo?
Because of my words left friend number two.
A word loosely dropped a thought revealed.
Nothing was meant yet now fate is sealed.

Copyright ©2005 Ellis William Moore

A dream I had last night

I had a dream again
a repeat of two before
But this one I did not
dream to the end
But know what was to come
For I have dreamed the ending
in the first one but not the second
each was shorter than the one before
In all three dream all was gone
A dream of what has happened
A dream of what will be
Am I just dreaming
the same thing over
or have I lived this life before
Is this just a cosmic collection
of thought Spinning out of control
for in the dream I saw others
that also know what was to come
Have they dreamed this dream
along with me also seeing the end
They were not in the dream
I dreamed last night
yet ones that know not went on
unaware, no ending have they yet seen
Will they dream this dream again and
Someday know, what I now know
Will I not be in their next dream
Now that I know, will my thoughts
be ripped from this collection of memories
for evermore, for evermore

My muse made me write this today after the dream I had last night.
One Shot

August 26, 2009



Why have we come to this point?
Have we not learned from the past?
Can we not see clearly for just one day?
Shall we never dream of tomorrows?
As we walk in a veil of deception,
we hear only what they tell us,
thinking only the thoughts we're given,
seeing only the things they show us,
being led to a point of nothingness,
with no will of our own. We follow!
Tho out numbering them ten-thousand
to one, we still do everything they say.
Our hearts being filled with good intentions,
yet our minds being void of thought.
We blunder on into the future unaware,
mouth shut, eyes closed.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

August 17, 2009



This distance between us
burns deep inside of me.
Each inch seems like a mile
every second an eternity.
With looks that you're giving me
I know you can not see me cry.
You kissed me once tonight.
Was that your last good-bye?
I long to hold you in my arms
but you're pushing me away.
All I wanted was a love
strong enough to stay.
Those eyes that shined for me
now glow with a different light.
You tell me I drove us apart
I do not feel that's right.
At last now I understand
what I always should have known.
It is the other side of you
that will always make you roam.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

August 13, 2009



You will not
release me from
this book of death
where I wrote my
name in blood
to be in what
you call a family
you will not
give me life
but torture me
for eternity
till my soul is
blackened to
fine white dust

Copyright ©2007 Ellis William Moore

August 12, 2009

Sheer Terror:

Sheer Terror:

Deep in the heart of the underbrush I sat watching from under the tree. Seeing the fear in my neighbors’ eyes, I tried not to let their sheer terror take hold of me.

They hit one of my neighbors hard already this morning. When I found him I could see he never knew where it came from. They got him right in the back. It looked as if they had used a shotgun. His poor wife must have been standing there talking to him when they made their move. She was hit numerous times her self. That look this morning on her face; I will never be able to get it out of my mine. What a mess I could hardly even look their way.

When all of a sudden I heard them, they were approaching from the East. I tried to steady my nerves, knowing this might be my only chance. Keeping both eyes peeled for any movement. I moved slowly from my hiding place trying not to make any noise.

Then out of the corner of my left eye I saw them. God, they were faster than I remembered. Before I could even think they had gotten off two rounds. I saw the white pellets flash by my face. One of them was so close its heat seared my eye lash. Quickly I turned, dropped to one knee and fired from my hip. My 357 screamed out rounds from her red hot barrel. The bullets’ giving a thump as they hit their mark. As the smoke cleared I saw one of them, it was just lying on the ground. I walked over and kicked it just to make sure it was dead. I thought to myself now let’s see that pigeon mess up another wax job.

August 10, 2009

Hill 162:

Hill 162:

From the cannon's breach, you hear the mighty roar.
You see bodies of your men getting ripped and torn.
Screams of terror will fill the morning air,
as hidden snipers try to get their daily share.
Charging up 162 with your rifle and battle cry,
left and right you will see, most of your friends die.
Still you charge and soon will fight, someone hand to hand.
Your eyes will meet, just as he falls, upon blood soaked sand!
Making sure not one of them is left still alive,
you shoot everyone again, right where they lay.
You're pulling out, you don't have a lot of time,
hurry, get a count of the dead they left behind.
They tell you the job you did was really grand.
Don't worry, tomorrow you'll get to take 162 again!

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

August 8, 2009

Seven Thirty: A short story

Seven Thirty

Bill William tossed and turned that morning trying to sleep. After working all night, he wasn’t used to sleeping with the sun shining through the window.

The company he just started working for had come up with new work shifts no one liked. He was stuck on the 6 PM to 3 AM shift. The company said the employees got to vote shortly, on which, of the many shifts they’ve tried over the last two years. Bill just got off the swing shift. This was his first week on the new graveyard. Well, what they used to call graveyard.

Bill could not complain too much. All he did as a night watchman was sit in one of the newest vaults ever built. The vault was ten floors underground. That place had more alarms, bells and whistles than any other place he had worked.

Bill looked at his alarm clock. “Great,” he told himself. “I haven’t even been asleep for three hours and I’m wide awake. I might as well get up and putter around the house till I get tired.”

After getting dressed, Bill walked down stairs and found his wife sleeping in her recliner. When he kissed her forehead, she woke up and asked, “What time is it?”

Looking at his watch, Bill smiled down and said, “Seven thirty, love. Sorry. I couldn’t sleep.”

“Well, go for coffee then. I didn’t sleep well last night with you gone. You know how much noise you can make and I want to sleep,” she muttered.

“Okay, honey,” he said. “I’ll be down at the coffee shop if you need me.” He closed the door and left.

As Bill walked into the corner cafe, he looked around for the people he normally talked to at this time of day. He smiled at the server and asked, “Hey, Shirley, where is everyone?”

“They all left. You’re running late today. Why?” she asked over her shoulder as she took some plates of food to two ladies sitting in their normal place.

“I’m not late. It’s only,” he paused as he looked at his watch with a questioning look on his face. “Seven thirty? Hell. My watch stopped. What time is it?

One of the men sitting at the counter looked at his watch. “Eleven fifty six,” he told Bill.

“Thanks. I guess I better stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a watch battery today,” Bill said as he sat down.

“So,” Shirley said. “What’ll it be? Tea or coffee?”

“Go ahead and make it coffee. I have to go find something to put over my windows to keep the sun out so I can sleep,” Bill told her.

Shirley leaned over as she handed him a cup of coffee. “You know what my old man did when he worked the night shift down in Texas two years ago?”

“No. What did he do?” Bill laughed.

Shirley gave Bill one of those “Do you want to hear this or not?” looks that she gave out quite often and then went on talking,” “He got some of that aluminum-backed foam from the lumberyard and a roll of duck tape. Cut chunks to fit the windows. Duck taped around them and then used long tack pines to put them over the windows. It made our bedroom darker then a coal mine shaft.”

“Thanks. I’ll look into that after I get this watch running. You know how I hate not knowing what time it is,” Bill said as he sipped his coffee.

Bill looked down at his watch again. It wasn’t like him to let the battery go dead. “Hey, Shirley, get a load of this. My watch stopped at 7:30 PM on the 15th of March,” Bill said with a smile.

Shirley looked at him with a “So what?” look.

Bill laughed. “This is the 15th of March. Don’t you see? It stopped tonight.”

“You probably had it set wrong,” Shirley said.

“Probably not. You know how much I depend on this watch. I would have seen it last night at work. Oh well, I’ll get a battery and keep an eye on it. I can’t have a watch changing dates on me. Might be time for me to get a new watch anyway.”

Bill tossed Shirley two fifty for the coffee and tip, then headed straight for Wal-Mart.


As Bill handed his watch to the lady behind the glass case, she took a look at it and said, “Another watch battery. I sold more batteries today then I have in a long time.”

Bill grinned at her and said, “Well, that’s because of the time loop.” He was just joking, but then Bill loved to play word games with people.

“Time loop?” She said questioning.

“Sure. Look at the date on my watch. It stopped at 7:30 PM on the 15th of March. That’s tonight.”

She just smiled back at him and rolled her eyes.

“No. Really,” Bill, still joking, continued, “Something the Government did later tonight. It threw us into a time loop.”

“Sure.” She smiled. “I suppose you have proof. That will be $3.97.”

Short on cash after giving Shirley the two fifty for coffee, Bill used his credit card.
As the clerk handed Bill his receipt, he held it up. “Here is my proof.” She just looked at him. “Today I will have this in my wallet when I come in here and buy a new battery.”


Short on cash after giving Shirley the two fifty for coffee, Bill used his credit card.
As the clerk handed Bill his receipt, he held it up. “Here is my proof.” She just looked at him. “Today I will have this in my wallet when I come in here and buy a new battery.”


Short on cash after giving Shirley the two fifty for coffee, Bill used his credit card.
As the clerk handed Bill his receipt, he held it up. “Here is my proof.” She just looked at him. “Today I will have this in my wallet when I come in here and buy a new battery.”


Short on cash after giving Shirley the two fifty for coffee, Bill used his credit card.
As the clerk handed Bill his receipt, he held it up. “Here is my proof.” She just looked at him. “Today I will have this in my wallet when I come in here and buy a new battery.”