December 22, 2015

God Bless The U.S.A.

If you can’t get a birth certificate in Hawall or Montana or Thai
You can be the president and no one will dare ask why
You can borrow more money than the county will need
Then not pay any of it back so a war you will see

You can go anywhere on vacation for millions at a time
Then tell ones on Social Security, to stand in a welfare line
Get your insurance from them for dollars on the dime
And go see their witchdoctor because yours has resigned

He is telling all his brothers that are fighting overseas
To come here without visa’s they can sneak in free
He’ll take all the guns out of Americans hands
So they can turn all this county into Muslim land

December 11, 2015

Beyond starry skies:

I look back at this world from beyond starry skies
Past time itself, to see not one living thing
All of us gone, never to return
Man’s voice silenced by eternal winds
No marks did he leave upon this hallowed ground
To let others know he was even there
Still we thinks what we leave behind,
Will encase our souls forever as Gods
We look out there and see worlds of color rings
Spinning left and right with polar clouds of greens
We tell ourselves yes we could live there, and
Turn it to into another dying planet like the one 
we now live upon and dream again of other worlds

December 2, 2015

The days before Christmas:

The days before Christmas in my house I sat
The wife and kids left me, I was a drunken mess

No money I have, no food could I steal

My meth lab broken, my bail unreal

Out the window I saw that bunch next door

New boat and cars, oh how me they ignored

Patting my gun, hell those weirdos I’ll fix

I’ll take all their money; I’ll rob them for kicks

Out the back door I went low cross the lawn

Crawling under that boat, I was moving along

Busting through their door we were all quite surprised

They were green aliens with huge fiery red eyes

The little ones started smiling with yellow toothy grins

Oh my God, what have I went and got myself in

My scream was heard way down the block
No I begged, as they through me into their crock-pot

November 24, 2015

Lingering Dread:

A life time of worries
The clinging of woe
The blackness of night
In its own darkish glow
Surley we will wonder
If it comes from with-in
This self-center fear
We somehow now spin
Yet still with daylight
We ask if it’s not true
Will this dread not linger
Deep, within me and you

November 12, 2015


As writers we write
Should we not write
For fear of offending.
Will they not someday
Make the same mistake

As writers we write
What muse would tell
You, put down your pen
And do not write again
Upon pages of white

As writers we write
Without you could
I have written this
Or should my muse
Also whisper no more

As writers we write
Tho none may read
Our pens care not
As words spill forth
Feeding our souls

October 21, 2015


         It’s the first time she’s been at Manner Heights. Standing alone in front of the window overlooking the portico in her assigned guest bedroom, she watches as lightning flashes across the sky.
         "Great,” she says. “I was hoping to be the talk of the town. To think I was invited to this weekend’s ‘party of parties’, but, with this storm, it will be a wash out."
         Hearing a knock on her door, she walks over and yanks it open. Fear fills her mind, but it’s too late. She knows she’s done the wrong thing as she sees and feels the knife plunge deep into her chest. Quickly she looks into the eyes of her killer, but dies before she can even ask why.
         Monday morning, Mike is sitting in Bob's coffee shack reading the paper.
         When Mike says, "Nothing ever happens like that around here in Woodall."
         "Like what?" Jerry asks.
         "You know. That girl killed up at Manner Heights Saturday night during the storm."
         "Now, Mike, you know I was out of town all weekend. What girl and how was she killed?" Jerry asks.
         Mike just shakes his head. "You know - the girl who got stabbed to death - the one at the Manner Height party? Hell, you have to have heard? She’s the talk of the town."
         "The talk of the town. You don't say," Jerry whispers.
         “What did you say, Jerry?” Mike asks.  “Hey, Bob, turn that television down. We can’t even hear ourselves talking over here.”
         “Look it’s my place and I’m trying to hear about that girl’s murderer,” Bob yells back.  “Besides, they’re saying on the news she isn’t the first girl to die up there. It seems some girl jumped from a third floor bedroom window twenty years ago. That’s not all. Five years later another girl was found face down in the pool with nothing on. They thought it was just bad luck till this one.”
         “What make this one different?” Mike asks.
         “I think it might have something to do with the knife in her chest,” Jerry chimes in.
         “No. That’s not it,” Bob says as he tries to hear the last of the News report. “The guy on the news just said each time a girl died, they were having a weekend party. I sure wouldn’t want my daughter going up there to a party.”
         Jerry and Mike speak at the same time: “Bob, you don’t have a daughter.”
         “Well, if I did, I wouldn’t let her go there, that’s for sure.” Bob snaps as he picks up a dish towel and throws it at them.
         “Sorry, guys, but it’s time for me to go,” Jerry says. “The boss wants me at work first thing tomorrow morning and I still have a lot to do.”
         Jerry mutters under his breath, as he leaves the coffee shack, “Work is the last thing I have to worry about right now.”
         Driving out of town, Jerry keeps looking over his shoulder, as if someone is following him. After making sure the coast is clear, he turns onto a dirt road that leads to a private lake that people forgot about years ago. On the north side of the lake he stops at a run down cabin. Getting out of his car, he looks up the hill and sees the roof of Manner Heights. Jerry looks at the base of the trees and sees they’re still overgrown with brush.
         “I wonder how many people even remember this old cabin and boat house is still here? Hell, none, I hope,” he says, as he opens the trunk of his car and takes out sacks of food. One last quick look around, then he closes the trunk, opens the door of the cabin and walks inside.
         On the table an oil lamp is lit and food wrappers are all over the floor and table. In the far corner, a pile of newspapers and rags are heaped up. Jerry checks all the windows; the old carpet is still hanging in place. Jerry reaches over with his foot and closes the door.
         “You can come out now, sis. It’s just me,” he says as he moves the table over so he can open a trap door.
         “Jerry, is that you? Are you alone? You sure no one followed you?” Jerry hears a voice as the trap door falls from his hands and crashes to the floor.
         “When did you get out?” Jerry says to someone under the floor.
         “Last week, brother dear. But what do you care? You never came to see me. For fifteen years you locked me away and never talked to me. Not even once in all that time.”
         “Ranie, you know what the doctor said. The only way you would get better was if I sent you away and locked you up. It was for your own good, sis.”
         “Well, I’m free now, brother, and you can’t send me back.”
         “I know,” says Jerry. “I know. Besides, I thought the doctor was wrong to try and lock you up, sis. It wasn’t your fault. I tried to tell him it was Franklin Manner the III’s fault. Look, sis, I have some things in the car for you to wear. I’ll try and get back tomorrow night. Till then, please keep out of sight and don’t go back up to Manner Heights. Not now. Not after what happened Saturday night.”
         Wednesday morning Jerry walks into Bob’s coffee shack and sits down at his usual spot.
         “Morning, guys,” Jerry says. “How’s it going? Anything new happen?”
         Bob shakes his head. “You guys never watch the news or read the paper do you?”
         Jerry looks over at Bob. “Don’t tell me another girl has been killed up at Manner Heights?”
         “No,” Bob says. “This time Old Man Franklin Manner the III was found dead. They found him in the wine cellar. Guess how he was killed.”
         “By a pack of wild dogs,” Jerry says with a grin. 
         Bob growls. “You guys never take anything seriously. With a knife stuck in his chest -just like the girl. It seems they brought down a doctor from Michigan to help with the murder. Some head shrink.”
         “What’s his name?” Jerry asks. 
         “A Doctor Cleveland something. I don’t remember. I did hear that he knows something about the two girl’s death, though,” Bob adds.
         Jerry jumps up. “Hell, guys, I left the water on at home. I have to go.” He tosses down a dollar and hurries out the door. 
         As he drives back toward the cabin, Jerry keeps saying over and over, “Why did I have to tell Doctor Cleveland everything? Why? Now sis is in trouble. He’ll know where she’s hiding. I have to get her out of there.”
         As Jerry pulls open the door of the cabin and steps inside there, in a chair at the table, sits Dr. Cleveland.
         “Hi, Jerry. How’s it going?” Dr. Cleveland asks. “Have you seen your sister lately?”
         Jerry looks around the room. The Doctor is sitting on top of the trap door.
         “Maybe he’s forgotten about it,” Jerry hears a soft whisper from behind him. “You know, brother. The tunnel we dug from here up to old man Franklin’s wine cellar. Then we installed that secret door only you and I should know about.”
         “Well” Jerry whispers back. “Only you, me and the doc.”
         “You always did talk too much,” he hears his sister whisper in his ear.
         Doctor Cleveland clears his throat. “Jerry, the police are outside and you have to come with me. Jerry, can you hear me? I said you have to come go with me.”
         “Ok, Doc, tell the police I’m coming out,” Jerry says.
         As Doctor Cleveland opens the door, he feels a sharp pain in the back of his head before everything goes blank.
         “Damn, sis, why did you do that? He was trying to help us,” Jerry snaps at his sister.
         “Because I’m not getting locked up again, brother. I told you that the other day,” Ranie snaps back. “Now hurry! We’ll take the tunnel to the main house and steal a car. We can be out of the country in less than a day. If we go north to Canada then to the west coast we’ll fool the lot of them.”
         As Jerry closes and locks the trap door from the inside, he hears the cops bursting into the cabin, yelling and stomping around.
         “There’s no one in here, Sergeant,” Jerry hears a policeman say.
         “Rookie, check the rafters, then the boat house. They can’t have gone far,” another policeman’s voice rings through.
         “Yes, Sergeant,” the first man says again.
         Jerry pushes his sister as fast as he can down the narrow tunnel. As they get to the end his sister pulls a small rock out of the wall to peek into the wine cellar.
         “I don’t see anyone. Help me with this wall,” she says.
         As Jerry crawls through the door, he feels hands grab him and then throw him to the floor.
         “Run, sis. Run. It’s a trap,” Jerry screams.
         As Doctor Cleveland walks up to the patrol car, parked in the portico, holding a bag of ice to his head, a policeman stops him.
         “We’re still looking for his sister. She seems to have gotten away. It was dark in the wine cellar and she must have slipped by.”
         “His sister? He only had one sister and she was his twin. She leapt to her death after using drugs at a weekend party over twenty years ago. Right from that window,” Doctor Cleveland says as he points to a window on the third floor overlooking the portico. “The bad part about it is that Jerry was standing right over there. Just a few feet from where his sister landed.”
         “If that’s so,” the officer asks.  “Then who was he talking to in the wine cellar when we grabbed him?”
         Doctor Cleveland smiles. “His twin sister, officer. His twin sister.”

October 20, 2015

Why Me

I saw that smile on your face
Sunshine glowing all around
There was a twinkle in your eye
Which brought me farther down

Today was more than I could take
I knew what next will come around
That sweetness in you showed me
In a muddy lake I’d rather drown

October 10, 2015

My Past:

Without my past 
my future will never be
Tho I hide in the shadows 
of my own mind
Cloaking what others see 
on the outer edge
I cling to my own reality 
letting none pass 
within my realm 
so they can’t mold me to
A unchanging pattern 
of their own creation

September 16, 2015

Does It Matter

As you turned away I heard my soul cry
for what was forever has now gone.
Tho like all things, does any last?
For things now, are quickly then.
Over and over, all things new are old.
Yet we go on as if everything matters.
Nothing will I do to remember those
things that has went by so quickly.
Still I will wait, till you pass by again
just to hear thoughts, you’ve whispered

September 7, 2015

Ripple in Time

A slight sigh, a distance look
Small ripples in time unseen
Alone, now you ask why
No answer do you hear
Nothing, but still you question
Was it me or was it even real
This ripple in time now felt within

A reply from  

August 24, 2015


Your eyes burned into my soul
Your caress set my heart a flame
Still you uttered no words to me
I want not, unspoken words

For I long to hear those words
to feel them brushing my ears
Words to hold my heart like
a new born for the first time

Words caressing me in the softness
of understanding, joy, and love
Knowing, tho we are not one
we’ll always be one, for eternity

August 10, 2015

Fire and Passion:

Fire and passion shared between lovers
Will it not someday leave one burned to a
Fine ash of grey power, blown about as
Dust on a wind controlled by the other

Yet I embrace these feelings blindly
With my head stuck in the sands of life
Thinking the fire will not consume me
As embers and flames  lick at my heart

July 22, 2015


What lurks within the shadows
Can we see beyond our mortal self
Fear cries for us to run away
Yet we long to touch that which
none has ever seen or heard

Have some, broken through to brush
against something so far past their
understanding even they do not believe.
Has any of us yet been conceived
in that vast realm of understanding

Yet we participate as if we are
the only ones that live within
this universe, forever shedding
any idea that something else
might lurk within the shadows

July 12, 2015

Fire Flies:

Take me back to yesterday for
as a child I played and dreamed. 

With mason jars held wide open
full of fire flies glowing green.

As death fall on those dieing embers
I laughed through joyful screams. 

Now as I look back in wounded
was that magic all it seemed?

July 1, 2015


One night out walking I met just two.
I was asked, "What have you done that's new?"
"Would you care to dine on nectars of wine?"
"What would it take to get you entwined?"
One of the two said, "It would be grand."
Two of one, said, "Just a minute man."
"Have we offered wrongly to thee?"
"Have we misread what's not meant to be?"
I looked, hoping I would find
a soul hidden deep within mine.
I smiled and said, with a slight grin,
"You're right. Not now, or ever, my friend."

June 17, 2015

Ravings of a Mad Man:

“Should I start out with once upon a time, not long ago or even just back then?” Desk49 looked down at his keyboard. “Great I have to write a story and have nothing running between my ears today.”

“Why do you keep taking on these writing challenge Ellis is not here to help us.” Bill said in the middle of a big stretchy yawn.

“You think Ellis is the only one of us that can put two words together and make a story out of it, don’t you,” Desk49 yelled at Bill. “Stop trying to go back to sleep I need you and Muse to help me with this challenge. I can do the poetry by myself but I need help to come up with a new idea.”

Bill looked down at the keyboard. “Desk49 what about Boyokie? With Ellis mad at us and not coming out he might be our only hope.”

“Boyokie, are you nuts. The last time we let him alone on the computer he wrote a story about some time loop and told everyone I did it.”

“I thought you just wrote one about some trip down South on a train and a time loop?”

“Not that one. You remember the one where the guy was in a Bank and his watch stopped.”

“God not that one. That was the dumbest story I ever read. Desk49 if you try and write something like that I’ll take the use of our right hand away until after the challenge is over.”

“Fine get Boyokie but if Sara kicks us out of her blog I won’t speak to the rest of you all for a year. Stop smiling. I mean it. What do you mean you want me to cross my heart and spit on a toadstool? No wonder they lock us up, you guys are nuts.”

Shaking his head Boyokie wiggles his fingers. “What on earth have you three been up too?”

“Desk49 over there took on a challenge in Sara’s’ blog and is trying to come up with an idea for a story. We thought you might have one but nothing way out there in never-never land.”

“You guys remember what the Doctor said. The next time he finds me out, he is going to lock all five of us up again. Either get Ellis or just forget the challenge. Wait have you three read what you’ve already written? Just give this a name and turn it in. You could call it, {Ravings of a Mad Man}. Ha Ha Ha bye.”

“Desk49 you know Boyokie might have something there?”

“I think your right less do it. Hay Bill I think we’d better sing all our names to it.”

“Whatever, stop laughing muse you’re not getting your name on it.”

Desk49/Boyokie/Bill/Ellis and Muse

“There Muse your name is on it now so quit crying you’re getting on my nerves.” 
“Bill! Muse! Stop fighting I have other blogs to read.” 

June 8, 2015


Rules controlling, suffocating lives
life is not rules but things changing.
Moving about us here and there
as does the wind going to and fro.

We are blinded by our own sight
so bright it keeps us in darkness.
We have yet to hear because
we tell ourselves not to listen.

Few will know what they’ve missed
as they follow along blindly as sheep.
Break away from their tight grip
to find that, which was never hidden.

I have to thank

For being my muse a reply to her blog

May 28, 2015

To Late:

Cold of steel
on temple rest
Finding where
it'll do the best

Finger touching
hardened steel
Rubber grips
numb the feel

Clicking sound
as chamber rolls
Seems easier
then I was told

Soft on finger
I feel a click
I'd better stop
I feel the kick

Roaring sound
within my ear
On my cheek
is that a tear

No more do
I feel the shame
I have only
myself to blame

Oh my God
what've I done
I've hurt all of
my loved ones

May 16, 2015

New Thoughts

Tho new thoughts dance
Around within my head
I wonder if others hear voices
Calling from dark corners
Voices telling them to listen

Do they hear them whispering
As they drift between thoughts
Showing them words written
On fine puffs of gray smoke
Floating through blurred vision

Do they not feel this madness
Forever going round and around
Day in and out, do they not hear
That deafening clicking in their heads
Choking them in their own insanity

And yet I am told to go on
To smile as if I know the joke
One I have not heard, but lived
Till death takes me home forever
To its world of foreboding silence

May 9, 2015


Rumors spreads
of things done wrong
Once voice is heard
they linger long

Pain of heart
drives fire within
Burning threads of love
between them thin

Lies eat at their souls
with words unjust
Until love blows away
on winds of dust

I know this is a repeat

May 1, 2015

Universal Lovers

Who write these words
upon which I read
A universe of thought
provoked by lovers entwined
Tho I see not bodies but
souls from these two
Yet does flesh of passion
lie within body or soul
Or still yet just thought
When brought into the light
does it not turn maddening
As the clicking of wheels
across rails over and over
Until they see the darkness
each hidden from the other
And both look forward for
their next perfect lover

April 23, 2015


Eyes hear whispered thoughts
Bodies answered questions unasked
Souls rejoice in silence

April 8, 2015

The Game

Insanity an act
Defined by others
As not being like them

Depression a feeling
Brought on by others
Trying to control you

Defiance an outward denial
Of being insane because you
Don’t thinking they’re right

Restrained the end result
Because of the other three
If you don’t agree with them

Would you like to play again

April 3, 2015

Death, An Old Friend

From day one Death
Has always been here
To keep us safe from harm

For it knows this
Was not the time
For things to go wrong

Still we fear death
As if it hides at night
Beneath our very beds

Making that bump
At the stroke of midnight
A thing we always dread

No matter what we tell ourselves
Or how hard we look around
That bump we’ll never find

For death moves beside us
As we walk this world with him
Down our life’s chosen line

The hair upon our neck
Some day will yell beware
Still none hears but our soul

For when death lays hands upon us
Like we know it will some day
We’ll have no choice, but to go

March 31, 2015


Feet tread across swelling grass
Nose misting gentle breeze
Trees seed in hope of life
Cool nights hold to its dreams

Sunshine warms water deep
Sound of light wakes your sleep
Spinning winds shake your soul
Birds sing of things yet told

Youth no thought to things around
Ancient lives will never keep
The dead below shall always rest
Tomorrow is just another day

March 18, 2015

A Ribbon We Call Time

Time made by man from beginning
Never ending like space and numbers
Unforgiving worlds of infinite
Where are we upon this line
We have drawn in the sand
A speak so small only God can see
Yet we prance about as if nothing
Before us or after will be so grand
Shouting our glory thinking
Heaven should bow before us
Tho my words speak from within
I know I too stand alongside man
Being nothing but a speck of dust
Upon this ribbon we call time

February 27, 2015

True love spans time and death

If our heart
Loves from within
Will she know

Will she see
What I sadly
Can not show

Tho she’s gone
These eyes tear
As love glows

Someday I’ll be
With her if
Not sent below

February 20, 2015

Need to Know

Why do we ask about things
We don’t want to know
Seeking answers from
Things a long time ago

Bring up old memories
We’ve put to rest
Dragging others through
All their forgotten mess

We try to change things
We knew were true
The parts of life
As youth we blew

Dragging us down
To depths far below
Searching for the answers
No one should know

February 13, 2015

Self Lie

A sprinkling of eyes
Sweet cherry red lips
Soft tilt of that head
Flicking of her hips

To catch him off guard
A smile she be stolid
I’m working my angles
A friend she told

My quarry has a wife
And three kids you see
If I play my cards right
He'll leave her for me

She don’t understand as he
Tells her not another word
Marry a woman like you
That’s quite absurd

January 28, 2015

True Love

wrath of nightmares
loom far below
in our hearts
they turn us cold

are they true
the things we see
or only what
ones soul believes

they eat us up
over spent time
poisoning all corners
of our feeble mind

is love not
the same I fear
your coldness of heart
and my nightmares

this love we tell
each other is true
it will only last
a year or two

nothing like what we
hoped or planed
this love thing
from mortal men